CDH 6 includes Apache Kafka as part of the core package. The documentation includes improved contents for how to set up, install, and administer your Kafka ecosystem. For more information, see the Cloudera Enterprise 6.0.x Apache Kafka Guide. We look forward to your feedback on both the existing and new documentation.

Issues Fixed in CDK 2.0.0 Powered By Apache Kafka

  • KAFKA-2799: WakeupException thrown in the followup poll() could lead to data loss.
  • KAFKA-2878: Kafka broker throws OutOfMemory exception with invalid join group request.
  • KAFKA-2880: Fetcher.getTopicMetadata NullPointerException when broker cannot be reached.
  • KAFKA-2882: Add constructor cache for Snappy and LZ4 Output/Input streams in
  • KAFKA-2913: GroupMetadataManager unloads all groups in removeGroupsForPartitions.
  • KAFKA-2942: Inadvertent auto-commit when pre-fetching can cause message loss.
  • KAFKA-2950: Fix performance regression in the producer.
  • KAFKA-2973: Fix leak of child sensors on remove.
  • KAFKA-2978: Consumer stops fetching when consumed and fetch positions get out of sync.
  • KAFKA-2988: Change default configuration of the log cleaner.
  • KAFKA-3012: Avoid collisions on upgrade.