CDH 6 includes Apache Kafka as part of the core package. The documentation includes improved contents for how to set up, install, and administer your Kafka ecosystem. For more information, see the Cloudera Enterprise 6.0.x Apache Kafka Guide. We look forward to your feedback on both the existing and new documentation.

Issues Fixed in CDK 2.2.0 Powered by Apache Kafka

  • KAFKA-4525; Kafka should not require SSL truststore password
  • KAFKA-4811; ReplicaFetchThread may fail to create due to existing metric
  • KAFKA-4741; Fix potential buffer leak in RecordAccumulator in case of exception
  • KAFKA-4735; Fix deadlock issue during MM shutdown
  • KAFKA-4636; Per listener security settings overrides (KIP-103)
  • KAFKA-5150; Reduce lz4 decompression overhead
  • KAFKA-5316; LogCleaner should account for larger record sets after cleaning
  • KAFKA-5097; Fix regression in consumer caused by unsafe access to potentially unassigned partitions
  • KAFKA-4959; Remove controller concurrent access to non-threadsafe NetworkClient, Selector, and SSLEngine
  • KAFKA-4631; Request metadata in consumer if topic/partitions unavailable