3. Install the New Server and Populate the Databases

  1. Install the Server on the new host.

  2. Stop the Server so that you can copy the old database data to the new Server.

    ambari-server stop
  3. Restart the PostgreSQL instance.

    service postgresql restart
  4. Open the PostgreSQL interactive terminal.

    su - postgres
  5. Using the interactive terminal, drop the databases created by the fresh install.

    drop database ambari;
    drop database ambarirca;
  6. Check to make sure the databases have been dropped.


    The databases should not be listed.

  7. Create new databases to hold the transferred data.

    create database ambari;
    create database ambarirca;
  8. Exit the interactive terminal.

  9. Copy the saved data from Back up Current Data to the new Server.

    cd /tmp
    scp -i <ssh-key> root@<original-server>/tmp/dbdumps/*.sql/tmp
    (Note: compress/transfer/uncompress as needed from source to dest)
    psql -d ambari -f /tmp/ambari.sql
    psql -d ambarirca -f /tmp/ambarirca.sql
  10. Start the new Server.

    <exit to root>
    ambari-server start
  11. On each Agent host, start the Agent.

    ambari-agent start
  12. Open Ambari Web. Point your compatible browser to:

  13. Go to Services -> MapReduce and use the Management Header to Stop and Start the MapReduce service.

  14. Start other services as necessary.

The new Server is ready to use.

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