3. Troubleshooting RHEL HA

  1. Review errors in /var/log/messages/ .

  2. If the following error message appears:

    abrtd: Executable '/usr/bin/relocate_resources.py' doesn't belong to any package and ProcessUnpackaged is set to 'no'

    Set the following property, in

    /etc/abrt/abrt-action-save-package-data.conf, set ProcessUnpackaged=Yes
  3. If the scripts return Error status=exit code 3, make sure the following are true:

    • The ambari agent on the failover host is running.

    • Failover did not result from STOP HDFS or STOP NN/JT, using Ambari.

The following table lists and describes parameters for relocate_host_components.py.


Table 11.1. Parameter Options for relocate_host_components.py

-h,na--helpDisplay all parameter options.
-v,na--verboseIncreases output verbosity.
-s,SERVER_HOSTNAME,--host=SERVER_HOSTNAMEAmbari server host name (FQDN)
-p,SERVER_PORT,--port=SERVER_PORTAmbari server port. [default: 8080]
-r,PROTOCOL,--protocol=PROTOCOLProtocol for communicating with Ambari server (http/https) [default: http]
-c,CLUSTER_NAME,--cluster-name=CLUSTER_NAMEAmbari cluster to operate on.
-e,SERVICE_NAME,--service-name=SERVICE_NAMEAmbari Service to which the component belongs.
-m,COMPONENT_NAME,--component-name=COMPONENT_NAMEAmbari Service Component to operate on.
-n,NEW_HOSTNAME,--new-host=NEW_HOSTNAMENew host to relocate the component to.
-a,ACTION,--action=ACTIONScript action. [default: relocate]
-o,FILE,--output-file=FILEOutput file. [default: /temp/ambari_reinstall_probe.out]
-u,USERNAME,--username=USERNAMEAmbari server admin user. [default: admin]
-w,PASSWORD,--password=PASSWORDAmbari server admin password.
-d,COMPONENT_NAME, --start-componentStart the component after reassignment.

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