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AMBARI-9716BUG-30786HostCleanup.py doesn't clean everything
AMBARI-9959BUG-32220JS error after opening popup with hosts to add to config group
AMBARI-10129BUG-31503Pig Client needs Tez Client on same host, ambari web need to update HostRoles it sends
AMBARI-10181BUG-33461Hosts page: JS error after deleting host
AMBARI-10299BUG-33642Unable to save SNMPv1 and SNMPv2c notifications
AMBARI-10323BUG-33991Alerts: Hive Metastore And HS2 Process Alerts Do Not Work With Custom Smoke User
AMBARI-10411BUG-28356Monarch: Blueprints: Yarn ResourceManager HA config properties not exported properly
AMBARI-10435BUG-34288Set default cardinality for ComponentInfo if not specified in metainfo.xml
AMBARI-10441BUG-33985Alerts explanation text cannot be seen in its entirety - should be wider/scrollable
AMBARI-10470BUG-34280Alert Notifications : save button is disabled when creating alert notification
AMBARI-10608BUG-31721Alerts: nodemanager health is critical, response is not clear
AMBARI-10622BUG-34695Add daily aggregation to AMS (useful for reporting over months of data)
AMBARI-10748BUG-34912Views: IllegalAccessError: tried to access class
AMBARI-10796BUG-33373Hive Metastore alert timeout
AMBARI-10860BUG-35116Missing configs in mapreduce.application.classpath
AMBARI-10882BUG-35478Allow NFS mounts to be skipped during agent health check
AMBARI-10897BUG-34437Spark version is incorrect in HDP 2.2 stack
AMBARI-10953BUG-33684Hive Server 2 Process Check Should Always Use Beeline Instead of TCP Sockets
AMBARI-11030BUG-34265Queue-specific metrics cannot be queried as time series data via Ambari API
AMBARI-11091BUG-35882unable to see complete non-master node name at step 6 (Assign Slaves and Clients) if more than 23 characters
AMBARI-11251BUG-36904serverUtils.py is not using customized client.api.port in ambari.properties
AMBARI-11260, AMBARI-11408BUG-36972Cluster aggregate metric graphs Network Usage, Memory Usage, and Cluster Load are showing averages, not sum (change in behavior from 1.7.0)
AMBARI-11308BUG-34035Blueprints: Oozie HA Zookeeper property is not properly exported
AMBARI-11320BUG-31812Issues with Hive/Oozie database properties and Blueprint cluster install
AMBARI-11599BUG-37431/usr/bin/ambari-server.py always returns RC 0
AMBARI-11658BUG-38551Add Service Wizard resets local hdp repo to public repo
AMBARI-11665BUG-38574AMS : IllegalArgumentException populating metrics for host with no cluster association
AMBARI-11775BUG-34470Threading Can Cause Aggregate Alerts To Have Duplicate Alert Entries With Different States
AMBARI-11885BUG-38095Storm supervisors deployed by Ambari use storm-client link
AMBARI-12053BUG-39968HDP 2.1 repo url in Ambari is broken - points to 2.3 stack instead