5.6. Performance

Apache Jira

HWX Jira


AMBARI-10279BUG-32710Perf-cluster: Disable controls while call in pending
AMBARI-10456BUG-34558Ambari Server Deadlock When Mapping Hosts
AMBARI-10738, AMBARI-11588BUG-35408NPE on desiredStateEntity from different stack traces in ServiceComponentHostImpl (while trying to Kerberize/Unkerberize, but happens in other scenarios; seems to be related to having a large number of hosts in the cluster)
AMBARI-10829BUG-35689ATS heapsize does not take effect
AMBARI-10954BUG-36071Configs: HBase logging is set to DEBUG by default
AMBARI-10992BUG-35859Ambari 2.0 is too slow to start/restart components
AMBARI-11194BUG-36909Stack advisor fails for larger clusters
AMBARI-11242BUG-37101Every minute Ambari agent freezes for 10-15 seconds while executing status commands
AMBARI-11383BUG-37399Enable async audit log and unfair lock by default in HDP
AMBARI-11413BUG-34721Ambari Web is sluggish, especially on Hosts page, with 1300 nodes in the cluster
AMBARI-11730BUG-38582When adding one host, the UI seems to be sending a request to add lot more
AMBARI-11744BUG-37056Ambari Server deadlocks when adding service / adding host
AMBARI-11850BUG-38791Blueprint export API hangs (no response after 15 mins)
AMBARI-11992BUG-39662Hosts page responsiveness is severely impacted when metrics API responses are slow
AMBARI-12019BUG-39866HBase metrics for regions/tables/regionservers are enabled by default and causes problems
AMBARI-12301BUG-40784Ambari Metrics Monitor process increasing uses more and more CPU when Collector is down