3. Patch Information

Ambari 2.1 is based on Apache Ambari 2.1 and the following patches.


Table 1.5. Apache Ambari 2.1 Patches

Apache Jira


AMBARI-12459Change latest and baseurl to point to public json and public repo urls
AMBARI-12451Ranger configurations missing after HDP 2.2 to 2.3 upgrade
AMBARI-12449Ranger KMS after some time becomes stopped on non-root agent + systemwide umask 027
AMBARI-12448Non-Root: Ranger Admin install fails with permission denied
AMBARI-12446Starting ranger enabled services fails if folder to copy JDBC driver does not exist
AMBARI-12444Manual Stack Upgrade 2.2 -> 2.3: Storm service check through Ambari UI fails after upgrading
AMBARI-12437Manual Stack Upgrade to HDP 2.3 - HBase coprocessor properties are not set to proper values
AMBARI-12429Deleting a host using the API causes NPE
AMBARI-12428Manual Stack Upgrade to HDP 2.3 - oozie.authentication.simple.anonymous.allowed should be set to true
AMBARI-12427Incorrect listeners property in file /etc/kafka/conf/server.properties
AMBARI-12425Manual Stack Upgrade - Unable to set current after upgrade from 2.2 -> 2.3
AMBARI-12424It is not possible to enable Nimbus HA on secure cluster.
AMBARI-12419Final flag not preserved after enabling security
AMBARI-12418Second confirmation of hosts fails under combination of umask and non-root user
AMBARI-12415Ambari should set dr. who in the admin acl by default in the secure cluster.
AMBARI-12411WebHCat long running test fails with NPE at the WebHCat server
AMBARI-12407Add service wizard freezes on kerberized cluster
AMBARI-12406Can't download client configs with ambari-server installed using non root user
AMBARI-12401Oozie Server start failed and RegionServers down after Node Labels enabled
AMBARI-12400Blueprint config processor should retain property hbase.coprocessor.master.classes with default value
AMBARI-12399Ambari 2.1 upgrade: Save yarn configs fails due to error from stack advisor
AMBARI-12398Falcon Server Web UI alert after adding Falcon on Kerberized cluster
AMBARI-12397Minor typo error in property mapping in file UpgradeCatalog_2.2_to_2.3.json for grant-revoke property
AMBARI-12396Error when trying to add config override (additional patch)
AMBARI-12396Error when trying to add config override.
AMBARI-12394Handle hadoop.registry.zk.quorum in stack upgrade 2.1->2.3
AMBARI-12392RU - Repo version should be unique within the stack
AMBARI-12391Rolling upgrade failed on Hive restart for Centos 7
AMBARI-12390Confirm Hosts step fails with umask 027 and non-root ambari-server user
AMBARI-12388HBase start failed on upgrade.
AMBARI-12387yarn.resourcemanager.fs.state-store.uri not handled in upgrade catalog for yarn
AMBARI-12386After running as root, ambari-agent won't start or stop as non-root
AMBARI-12385Oozie Service Fails After Downgrade Because Of Missing Falcon JAR In WAR
AMBARI-12384HDFS client configs not set during Ranger KMS install
AMBARI-12382RU - Finalize Failed, Ranger KMS does not advertise version since no structured-out-*.json file
AMBARI-12378Widget display goes on and off at service dashboard for Number and Graph widgets using same metrics
AMBARI-12377Installer wizard: WebHCat server start fails
AMBARI-12375RU fails for ZooKeeper only cluster
AMBARI-12371Downloaded client configuration contains strange folder
AMBARI-12369if audit to DB is made true for hdfs then namenode is not able to connect to mysql DB
AMBARI-12366Fix issue where the BP configuration is modified on a getter invocation due to an incomplete deep copy
AMBARI-12364WebHCat fails to start during upgrade from HDP-2.2 to HDP-2.3
AMBARI-12362Manual upgrade fails - YARN RM restart failed due to yarn node labels error.
AMBARI-12361RU: Secure Upgrade Fails On Restarting NameNode Because kinit Is Not Called Before HDFS Command
AMBARI-12360Overrides in Custom Properties for non-default config groups are shown in the default config group as editable without link to non-default config groups.
AMBARI-12359on non-root agent RU Falcon restart fails
AMBARI-12358Discard button for config groups doesn't work.
AMBARI-12357Properties with slider widget is formatting not properly
AMBARI-12356kinit of hdfs Kerberos identity fails when starting added service(s) after upgrade to Ambari 2.1.0
AMBARI-12355DATANODE START failed on secure cluster.
AMBARI-12354Check that all wizards correctly save their statuses on close
AMBARI-12352Ambari dashboard reports hive metastore as green but alerts says metastore down.
AMBARI-12343Ambari storm deployment fails in secure mode due to storm principal name
AMBARI-12325RU: Installation of new stack failed on SLES
AMBARI-12276Ozzie running with pig fail to renew JHS delegation token when RU because JHS recovery is not enabled
AMBARI-12243Ambari suggesting restart required on various services after RU from HDP 2.2 to HDP 2.3
AMBARI-12185User is able to go back from deploy step of installer
AMBARI-12167Progress bar remains blue on deploy finish