5.4. Upgrade

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AMBARI-10151, AMBARI-9934BUG-30948Deregister Stack Version error if it has been already INSTALLED or INSTALL_FAILED on some cluster
AMBARI-10173BUG-33247RU: Wizard does not show up in UI when triggered by API
AMBARI-10285BUG-32748Storm Shows An Alert for REST_API Component After Stack Upgrade
AMBARI-10313BUG-33376RU: Replacement text not seen in pre-req check
AMBARI-10331BUG-33897BE issue: install repo version is stuck in INSTALLING after sudden server restart
AMBARI-10349BUG-33377RU: Block users from installing a Version with the same existing Version
AMBARI-10356BUG-34123Ambari Upgrade from 1.6.1 to 1.7.0 fails when analyzing global config groups with certain data
AMBARI-10363BUG-33103RU:Status bar shows installing when no install is in progress
AMBARI-10436BUG-33117RU - Fails if in Oozie if hadoop-lzo codec is enabled after version bits have been distributed
AMBARI-10440BUG-34122Manual RU - Client-only services need restart to advertise version
AMBARI-10467BUG-34656UPGRADE: Due to changes in Ambari API some response validations should be allowed with warning message
AMBARI-10566BUG-33790Ambari Upgrade from 1.7.0 to 2.0.0 fails to restart ZK server due to missing symlink
AMBARI-10575BUG-34752RU: Oozie upgrade fails when using oracle DB
AMBARI-10706BUG-34777UPGRADE: Update UpgradeCatalog-*.json files for stacks HDP 2.0 to 2.2.x and 2.1 to 2.2.x
AMBARI-10706BUG-34398hiveserver2-site needs to be created on Ambari upgrade to 2.0
AMBARI-10731BUG-34937RU - Install repo should batch the distribution of bits to prevent a Denial-of-Service attack
AMBARI-10742BUG-34793RU: HiveServer2 Cannot Deregister During Upgrade Due To Config Path Missing
AMBARI-10771BUG-34195Agent upgrade loses custom hostname config
AMBARI-10786BUG-35301Rename of ambari_sequences.sequence_value handled inappropriately during Upgrade
AMBARI-10818BUG-35287Hit re-install when performing an RU - UI seems to have stuck at installing even though the request has completed
AMBARI-10879BUG-34955If hostname used by agents is upper-case or mixed-case then upgrading to Ambari-2.0 may create issues
AMBARI-11073BUG-35282RU: Should not complain about decommissioned components
AMBARI-11083BUG-36593Upgrade 1.6.1 -> 2.0.1 - nagios not removed
AMBARI-11163BUG-36833Some upgrade paths are not using su with correct parameters
AMBARI-11236BUG-34800RU: Clarify Prerequisite Check for Service and MM details
AMBARI-11300BUG-36791RU: After installing new packages, 'Reinstall Packages' button is present on UI
AMBARI-11306BUG-36054RU fails in Tez Service Check, Incompatible versions found, wrong version of tez.tar.gz uploaded to HDFS
AMBARI-11370BUG-37698Agent configs upgrade fails on upgrade 1.6.0 -> 2.0.1
AMBARI-11501BUG-37725HBase does not start after Kerberization (AMS on distributed mode + HBase + Kerberos)
AMBARI-11504BUG-37709Add changes for alert definitions in UpgradeCatalog210.java
AMBARI-11596BUG-36935RU operations get aborted, must proceed with manual upgrade
AMBARI-11672BUG-38333Ambari 2.0.1 server doesn't start after upgrade from HDP 2.1.7 to 2.2.4
AMBARI-11695BUG-37266Ambari RU should not perform 'yum install krb5-server' on ALL nodes during installing packages
AMBARI-11728BUG-35428Upgrade Ambari from 1.7 to Ambari 2.0. I'm on HDP, but the version is not showing up in the Stacks and Versions page.
AMBARI-11939BUG-38855RU Finalize Later: should return ops control to the user until they decide to "finalize" or "downgrade"
AMBARI-11943BUG-38448RU: UI must retry ABORTED upgrades
AMBARI-11950BUG-39494Cannot reinstall components that are in INSTALL_FAILED state via API
AMBARI-12101BUG-37908Ambari : upgrading from 2.0.0 to 2.0.1 wipes out the added service folder on the stack.
AMBARI-12169BUG-39202Ambari RU doesn't work with Redhat satellite
AMBARI-12230BUG-39809During HDP 2.1 to 2.2.6 upgrade dfs.journalnode.edits.dir is incorrectly changed
AMBARI-12232BUG-40390upgradeHelper for a 2.1 -> 2.2 upgrade leaves Resource Manager unusable
AMBARI-12278BUG-40646Pre RU - install failed and attempts to re-install continue to fail