5.2. Stability

Apache Jira

HWX Jira


AMBARI-8768BUG-35084Ambari agent Heartbeat lost when df hangs (NFS gateway), also prevents proper re-initialization of agent upon restart
AMBARI-9047BUG-26995Validation missing on Service config related to JVM.
AMBARI-9197BUG-30646Operations hang on Ambari Server when tasks are timing out.
AMBARI-9585BUG-31362Ambari does not upload Tez tarball to HDFS when Tez is installed
AMBARI-9823BUG-30278Alert Notifications Are Not Received Without Restarting Ambari Server
AMBARI-9849BUG-32265.log Files are not placed in the changed directory in Ambari 1.6 and 1.7
AMBARI-10256BUG-25404Unable to delete HBase Master
AMBARI-10310BUG-33963'Supervisor Process' alert after changing -Dcom.sun.management.jmxremote.port
AMBARI-10311BUG-33961Changing templeton port results in Hive Service check failure
AMBARI-10317BUG-34051Knox gateway fails to restart on Ubuntu 12.04 after system restart because /var/run/knox is deleted
AMBARI-10360BUG-33767Hiveserver2 fails to start when databases exist with LOCATION's outside of hive.metastore.warehouse.dirs
AMBARI-10397BUG-33827Raw number password for ranger results in failure
AMBARI-10412BUG-34135Exceptions in ambari-server log
AMBARI-10417BUG-34790Flume fails to restart on ubuntu 12.04 after system restart because /var/run/flume is deleted
AMBARI-10451BUG-34310Stack Validator skips hbase-env, fails when HBase properties hbase_master_heapsize or hbase_regionserver_heapsize are added to both hbase-env and hbase-site - returns 500 error
AMBARI-10464BUG-34323Ambari Agent holding socket open on 50070 prevents NN from starting
AMBARI-10568BUG-33842Rolling Restart: batch size is fixed and cannot be changed
AMBARI-10657BUG-33211Ambari restart/stop operation loses control of Flume agents
AMBARI-10661BUG-33474Oozie service check fails after Moving Oozie server
AMBARI-10665BUG-33337Internal Exception: org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: ERROR: column "config_attributes" does not exist
AMBARI-10707BUG-34631AMS does not work with NN HA in AMS distributed mode
AMBARI-10819BUG-31097Ambari bootstrap: Premature Agent shutdown may lead to Agent stall
AMBARI-10841BUG-35470If selinux is disabled via /etc/selinux/config, cluster deployment fails
AMBARI-10965BUG-36160Views: ViewContext is not injecting
AMBARI-11045BUG-36433IllegalStateException: Work already begun on this thread.
AMBARI-11207BUG-33960Delete cluster issue caused by Issues with "Test DB Connection" in HiveServer2 Move Master Wizard patch
AMBARI-11323BUG-32300Enable NameNode HA Wizard: Call to install JOURNALNODE failed
AMBARI-11571BUG-37675Move NameNode with AMS in distributed mode - AMS stop hung, had to manually kill AMS