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8. Setting Maintenance Mode

Maintenance Mode supports suppressing alerts and skipping bulk operations for specific services, components and hosts in an Ambari-managed cluster. You typically turn on Maintenance Mode when performing hardware or software maintenance, changing configuration settings, troubleshooting, decommissioning, or removing cluster nodes. You may place a service, component, or host object in Maintenance Mode before you perform necessary maintenance or troubleshooting tasks.

Maintenance Mode affects a service, component, or host object in the following two ways:

  • Maintenance Mode suppresses alerts, warnings and status change indicators generated for the object

  • Maintenance Mode exempts an object from host-level or service-level bulk operations

Explicitly turning on Maintenance Mode for a service implicitly turns on Maintenance Mode for components and hosts that run the service. While Maintenance Mode On prevents bulk operations being performed on the service, component, or host, you may explicitly start and stop a service, component, or host having Maintenance Mode On.