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Hive HiveMetaStore

Metrics that show operating status for HiveMetaStore hosts.

Select a HiveMetaStore and a host to view relevant metrics.
Table 1. Hive HiveMetaStore metrics descriptions
Row Metrics Description
API TIMES API call times - Health Check roundtrip (get_all_databases) Time taken to process a low-cost call made by health checks to this metastore.
API call times - Moderate size call (get_partitions_by_names) Time taken to process a moderate-cost call made by queries/exports/etc to this metastore. Data for this metric may not be available in a less active warehouse.
MEMORY PRESSURE App Stop times (due to GC) Time spent in application pauses caused by garbage collection.
Heap Usage Current heap memory usage.
Off-Heap Usage Current non-heap memory usage.