Cloudbreak CLI Reference
Also available as:

cluster maintenance-mode

Enables/disables maintenance mode and changes stack repository configurations.


enable Enables maintenance mode

disable Disables maintenance mode

validate Validates repository configurations with Ambari

hdp Configures HDP repository data from file

hdf Configures HDF repository data from file

ambari Configures Ambari repository data from file

generate-template-json hdp Generates repository configuration JSON (snippet for HDP)

generate-template-json hdf Generates repository configuration JSON (snippet for HDF)

generate-template-json ambari Generates repository configuration JSON (snippet for Ambari)

Required options

--name [$VALUE] Name for the cluster

The hdp, hdf, and ambari sub-commands also require:

--cli-input-json [$VALUE] User provided file with JSON content


--server [$VALUE] Cloudbreak server address [$CB_SERVER_ADDRESS]

--username [$VALUE] Cloudbreak user name (e-mail address) [$CB_USER_NAME]

--password [$VALUE] Cloudbreak password [$CB_PASSWORD]

--workspace [$VALUE] Name of the workspace where to create the resource

--profile [$VALUE] Selects a config profile to use [$CB_PROFILE]

--auth-type [$VALUE] Authentication method to use. Values: oauth2, basic [$CB_AUTH_TYPE]


Enables maintenance mode for a cluster called "test-cluster"

cb cluster maintenance-mode enable --name "test-cluster"

Generates the JSON snippet where you can enter HDP repository information:

cb cluster maintenance-mode generate-template-json hdp
	"enableGplRepo": true,
	"mpacks": [],
	"osType": "____",
	"repositoryVersion": "____",
	"stackBaseURL": "____",
	"stackRepoId": "____",
	"utilsBaseURL": "____",
	"utilsRepoId": "____",
	"version": "____",
	"versionDefinitionFileUrl": "____"

Configures HDP repository data from file:

cb cluster maintenance-mode hdp --name "test-cluster" --cli-input-json /Documents/test.JSON

Validates repository configurations with Ambari:

cb cluster maintenance-mode validate --name "test-cluster"