Cloudbreak CLI Reference
Also available as:

mpack create

Registers an existing management pack with Cloudbreak.

Required options

--name [$VALUE] Name for the mpack

--url [$VALUE] URL that points to the location of the mpack tarball


--purge Purge existing resources specified in purge-list

--purge-list [$VALUE] Comma-separated list of resources to purge (stack-definitions,service-definitions,mpacks). By default (stack-definitions,mpacks) will be purged

--force Force install management pack

--description [$VALUE] Description for the LDAP

--server [$VALUE] Cloudbreak server address [$CB_SERVER_ADDRESS]

--username [$VALUE] Cloudbreak user name (e-mail address) [$CB_USER_NAME]

--password [$VALUE] Cloudbreak password [$CB_PASSWORD]

--workspace [$VALUE] Name of the workspace where to create the resource

--profile [$VALUE] Selects a config profile to use [$CB_PROFILE]

--auth-type [$VALUE] Authentication method to use. Values: oauth2, basic [$CB_AUTH_TYPE]


Registers a new mpack without purging:

cb mpack create --name test-hdp-search --url