Cloudbreak CLI Reference
Also available as:

database create

Registers an existing external database with Cloudbreak.


mysql Registers a MySQL database configuration

oracle11 Registers an Oracle 11 database configuration

oracle12 Registers an Oracle 12 database configuration

postgres Registers a Postgres database configuration

Required options

--name [$VALUE] Name for the database

--db-username [$VALUE] Username for the JDBC connection

--db-password [$VALUE] Password for the JDBC connection

--url [$VALUE] JDBC connection URL in the form jdbc:db-type://address:port/db

--type [$VALUE] Name if the service that will use the database (AMBARI, DRUID, HIVE, OOZIE, RANGER, SUPERSET, or other custom type)

If using MySQL and Oracle, the --connector-jar-url value [$VALUE] parameter is required in all cases except the following: If you are using a custom image and you already placed the JAR file on the machine, then this parameter is not required.


--description [$VALUE] Description for the database

--server [$VALUE] Cloudbreak server address [$CB_SERVER_ADDRESS]

--username [$VALUE] Cloudbreak user name (e-mail address) [$CB_USER_NAME]

--password [$VALUE] Cloudbreak password [$CB_PASSWORD]

--workspace [$VALUE] Name of the workspace holding the resource

--profile [$VALUE] Selects a config profile to use [$CB_PROFILE]

--auth-type [$VALUE] Authentication method to use. Values: oauth2, basic [$CB_AUTH_TYPE]


Registers an existing Postgres database called “test-postgres” with Cloudbreak:

cb database create postgres --name testpostgres  --type HIVE --url jdbc:postgresql:// --db-username testuser --db-password MySecurePassword123

The connection URL includes three components db-type://address:port/db:

  • Database type “jdbc:postgresql”
  • Endpoint “”
  • Port “5432”
  • Database name “testdb”

Registers an existing MySQL database called “testmysql” with Cloudbreak:

cb database create mysql --name testmysql --type OOZIE --url jdbc:mysql://  --db-username test --db-password test --connector-jar-url http://example-page/driver-file.JAR

Make sure to specify JDBC connection URL in the form jdbc:db-type://address:port/db. Do not forget to preprend jdbc:.