Cloudbreak CLI Reference
Also available as:

cluster repair

Repairs a cluster if cluster installation failed by removing, or removing and replacing failed nodes. You must specify the cluster name and the host group with the failed nodes.

Required options

--name [$VALUE] Cluster name

--host-groups [$VALUE] Comma separated list of host groups where the failed nodes should be repaired


--remove-only The failed nodes will be removed (rather than “repaired” by removing and replacing)

--wait Wait for the operation to finish. No argument is required

--output [$VALUE] Supported formats: json, yaml, table (default: “json”) [$CB_OUT_FORMAT]

--server [$VALUE] Cloudbreak server address [$CB_SERVER_ADDRESS]

--username [$VALUE] Cloudbreak user name (e-mail address) [$CB_USER_NAME]

--password [$VALUE] Cloudbreak password [$CB_PASSWORD]

--workspace [$VALUE] Name of the workspace holding the resource

--profile [$VALUE] Selects a config profile to use [$CB_PROFILE]

--auth-type [$VALUE] Authentication method to use. Values: oauth2, basic [$CB_AUTH_TYPE]


Removes and replaces failed nodes on worker1 and worker 2 host groups:

cb cluster repair --name test1234 --host-groups worker1,worker2

Removes failed nodes on worker1 host group without replacing them:

cb cluster repair --name test1234 --host-groups worker1 --remove-only