Advanced Cloudbreak Configuration
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Add tags in Profile (AWS)

You can optionally define custom tags for your AWS resources deployed by Cloudbreak.

  • If you want just one custom tag for Cloudbreak-provisioned resources, set this variable in the Profile:

    export CB_AWS_DEFAULT_CF_TAG=mytagcontent

    In this example, the name of the tag will be CloudbreakId and the value will be mytagcontent.

  • If you prefer to customize the tag name, set this variable:

    export CB_AWS_CUSTOM_CF_TAGS=mytagname:mytagvalue

    In this example the name of the tag will be mytagname and the value will be mytagvalue.

  • You can specify a list of tags with a comma separated list:

    export CB_AWS_CUSTOM_CF_TAGS=tag1:value1,tag2:value2,tag3:value3