Advanced Cloudbreak Configuration
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Back up Cloudbreak database

If you are using the embedded PostgreSQL database, back up current Cloudbreak database data prior to upgrading or migrating your Cloudbreak instance.


  1. On your Cloudbreak host machine, execute the following command to enter the container of the database:
    docker exec -it cbreak_commondb_1 bash

    If it is not running, start the database container by using the docker start cbreak_commondb_1 command.

  2. Create three database dumps (cbdb, uaadb, periscopedb):
    pg_dump -Fc -U postgres cbdb > cbdb.dump
    pg_dump -Fc -U postgres uaadb > uaadb.dump
    pg_dump -Fc -U postgres periscopedb > periscopedb.dump
  3. Quit from the container with shortcut CTRL+d.
  4. Save the previously created dumps to the host instance:
    docker cp cbreak_commondb_1:/cbdb.dump ./cbdb.dump
    docker cp cbreak_commondb_1:/uaadb.dump ./uaadb.dump
    docker cp cbreak_commondb_1:/periscopedb.dump ./periscopedb.dump