Advanced Cloudbreak Configuration
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Import HDP and HDF images to OpenStack

An OpenStack administrator can perform these steps to add the Cloudbreak deployer image to your OpenStack deployment. Perform these steps for each image.


Importing prewarmed and base HDP and HDF images is no longer required, because if these images are not imported manually, Cloudbreak will import them once you attempt to create a cluster.

The following images can be imported:

Image Operating system Location
Prewarmed HDP 3.1 image centos7
Prewarmed HDP 2.6 image centos7
Prewarmed HDF 3.3 image centos7
Base image centos7
Base image ubuntu16


  1. Download the image to your local machine. For example:
    curl -O
  2. Set the following environment variables for the OpenStack image import:
    export CB_LATEST_IMAGE=cb-hdp-26-1805171052.img
    export CB_LATEST_IMAGE_NAME=cb-hdp-26-1805171052.img
    export OS_USERNAME=your_os_user_name
    export OS_AUTH_URL=your_authentication_url
    export OS_TENANT_NAME=your_os_tenant_name
  3. Import the new image into your OpenStack:
    glance image-create --name "$CB_LATEST_IMAGE_NAME" --file "$CB_LATEST_IMAGE" --disk-format qcow2 --container-format bare --progress

After performing the import, you should be able to see these images among your OpenStack images.