Advanced Cloudbreak Configuration
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Modify default Cloudbreak ports

By default, Cloudbreak uses ports 80 (HTTP) and 443 (HTTPS) to access the Cloudbreak server (for the web UI and for the CLI). To change these port numbers, you must edit the Profile file on your Cloudbreak host.

Cloudbreak should not be running when you change the port numbers. Edit Profile either before you start Cloudbreak the first time or stop Cloudbreak before editing the file.


  1. Navigate to the Cloudbreak deployment directory (typically /var/lib/cloudbreak-deployment) and open the Profile file with a text editor.
  2. Add one or both of the following parameters, setting them to the port numbers that you want to use:
    export PUBLIC_HTTP_PORT=111
    export PUBLIC_HTTPS_PORT=222
  3. Start or restart Cloudbreak by using cbd start or cbd restart.
  4. This change affects Cloudbreak CLI configuration. When configuring the CLI, you must provide these ports as part of the server URL. For example:
    cb configure --server http://cb.server.address:111 --username
    cb configure --server https://cb.server.address:222 --username