MiNiFi Java Agent Administration
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class name: org.apache.nifi.minifi.bootstrap.configuration.ingestors.FileChangeIngestor

This Config Change Ingestor watches a file and when the file is updated, the file is ingested as a new config.

Note: The config file path configured here and in "nifi.minifi.config" cannot be the same. This is due to the swapping mechanism and other implementation limitations.

Below are the configuration options. The file config path is the only required property.

nifi.minifi.notifier.ingestors.file.config.pathPath of the file to monitor for changes. When these occur, the FileChangeNotifier, if configured, will begin the configuration reloading process
nifi.minifi.notifier.ingestors.file.polling.period.secondsHow frequently the file specified by 'nifi.minifi.notifier.file.config.path' should be evaluated for changes. If not set then a default polling period of 15 seconds will be used.
nifi.minifi.notifier.ingestors.file.differentiatorWhich differentiator to use. If not set then it uses the WholeConfigDifferentiator as a default.