MiNiFi Java Agent Administration
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Content Repository

The Content Repository holds the content for all the FlowFiles in the system. By default, it is installed in the same root installation directory as all the other repositories; however, administrators will likely want to configure it on a separate drive if available. If nothing else, it is best if the Content Repository is not on the same drive as the FlowFile Repository. In dataflows that handle a large amount of data, the Content Repository could fill up a disk and the FlowFile Repository, if also on that disk, could become corrupt. To avoid this situation, configure these repositories on different drives.

content claim max appendable sizeThe maximum size for a content claim. The default value is 10 MB.
content claim max flow filesThe maximum number of FlowFiles to assign to one content claim. The default value is 100.
always syncIf set to true, any change to the repository will be synchronized to the disk, meaning that NiFi will ask the operating system not to cache the information. This is very expensive and can significantly reduce NiFi performance. However, if it is false, there could be the potential for data loss if either there is a sudden power loss or the operating system crashes. The default value is false.