MiNiFi Java Agent Administration
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Controller Services

The current implementation of MiNiFi supports Controller Services. The "Controller Services" subsection is a list of these services. Each Controller Service must specify the following properties. They are the basic configuration general to all Controller Service implementations.

nameThe name of what this Controller Service will do. This is not used for any underlying implementation but solely for the users of this configuration and MiNiFi agent.
idThe id of this Controller Service. This must be a valid UUID. To reference this Controller Service in the properties of another component, this ID is used.
typeThe fully qualified java class name of the processor to run. For example for the standard StandardSSLContextService processor would be: org.apache.nifi.ssl.StandardSSLContextService

Note: If the "Security Properties" is configured with an "ssl protocol" then a StandardSSLContextService will be made automatically with the ID "SSL-Context-Service".