MiNiFi Java Agent Administration
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System Diagnostics

To query the system diagnostics use the "systemdiagnostics" flag followed by one of the system diagnostics options. The system diagnostics options are below.

heapInformation detailing the state of the JVM heap.
processorstatsThe system processor stats. This includes the available processors and load average.
contentrepositoryusageA list of each content repository and stats detailing its usage.
flowfilerepositoryusageStats about the current usage of the FlowFile repository.
garbagecollectionA list of the garbage collection events, detailing their name, collection count and time.

An example query to get the heap, processor stats, content repository usage, FlowFile repository usage and garbage collection from the system diagnostics is below. flowStatus systemdiagnostics:heap,processorstats,contentrepositoryusage,flowfilerepositoryusage,garbagecollection