MiNiFi Java Agent Administration
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Core Properties

The Core Properties section applies to the core framework as a whole.

flow controller graceful shutdown periodIndicates the shutdown period. The default value is 10 sec.
flow service write delay intervalWhen many changes are made to the flow.xml, this property specifies how long to wait before writing out the changes, so as to batch the changes into a single write. The default value is 500 ms.
administrative yield durationIf a component allows an unexpected exception to escape, it is considered a bug. As a result, the framework will pause (or administratively yield) the component for this amount of time. This is done so that the component does not use up massive amounts of system resources, since it is known to have problems in the existing state. The default value is 30 sec.
bored yield durationWhen a component has no work to do (i.e., is "bored"), this is the amount of time it will wait before checking to see if it has new data to work on. This way, it does not use up CPU resources by checking for new work too often. When setting this property, be aware that it could add extra latency for components that do not constantly have work to do, as once they go into this "bored" state, they will wait this amount of time before checking for more work. The default value is 10 millis.
max concurrent threadsThe maximum number of threads any processor can have running at one time.