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(Optional) Setting Up Identity Mapping

About This Task

You can use identity mapping properties to normalize user identities. Once you set up identity mapping, NiFi treats identities authenticated by different identity providers (certificates, LDAP, Kerberos) the same. This allows you to avoid creating duplicate users. Additionally, you only need to set up user-specific configurations such as authorizations once per user.


  1. From the NiFi service Configs tab, click Advanced nifi-properties.

  2. Use the Filter box to search for

  3. Enter the following values:

    Table 2.1. Identity mapping values

    FieldSample value^CN=(.*?), OU=(.*?)$$1@$2^(.*?)/instance@(.*?)$$1@$2

  4. Click Save.

  5. Restart NiFi using the Restart all Required option from the Action menu.


The following examples demonstrate normalizing DNs from certificates and principals from Kerberos:^CN=(.*?), OU=(.*?), O=(.*?), L=(.*?), ST=(.*?), C=(.*?)$$1@$2^(.*?)/instance@(.*?)$$1@$2