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To use NiFi with Apache Knox, you must meet the following prerequisites:

Install HDP

Apache Knox is part of the HDP stack. For information on installing HDP, see Getting Ready.

Install Knox on an HDP cluster

For information on installing services using Ambari, see Choose Services.

Install NiFi on the HDP cluster

We recommend that NiFi is installed on a different server than Knox.

The procedure for installing NiFi on a HDP cluster depends on whether the HDP installation is a new one or an upgrade. See the following section that is appropriate for your setup:

Configure Knox on the HDP cluster

Prior to enabling access to NiFi, you must configure Knox on the HDP cluster. See the following for information on Configuring the Knox Gateway.

Configure Knox authentication

You need to define policies for the Knox node user and any users accessing NiFi through Knox to allow NiFi to authorize the requests from Knox. For information on configuring Knox authentication, see Configuring Authentication.