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Roles and Permissions

SAM provides four out of the box roles which map to the the 3 different personas that SAM provides capabilities for and then a Admin user.

  • Admin Role – The Admin Role is a super user who has access to all of SAM's system roles and privileges.

  • Application Developer Role – The Application Developer Role has the privileges necessary to create and submit applications.

  • Operations Role – The Operations Role has the privileges necessary to create service pools and environments and to submit applications.

  • Analyst Role – The Analyst Role has access to specific applications and dashboards.

A role provides permissions (Read,Write, Execute) to 5 different resources in SAM:

  • Applications

  • Service Pools

  • Environments

  • User Management / Security

  • Dashboards

Table 8.1. Role and Permission Matrix

ResourcesAdmin Role AccessApplication Developer Role AccessOperations Role AccessAnalyst Role Access
Streamline Resources
User MgmtAll AccessNo AccessNo AccessNo Access
Role MgmtAll AccessNo AccessNo AccessNo Access
TopologyAll Access

U: R W X

All: R W XNo Access
Customer ProcessorAll AccessU: R WAll: R WNo Access
Service PoolsAll AccessAll: RAll: R WNo Access
EnvironmentsAll AccessU: R WAll: R WNo Access

System Artifacts:




Component Defs

All Access (includes edit access to component defs)Read to AllRead to AllNo Access

Custom Artifacts:




All Access

U: R, W

All: R WNo Access
Dashboards   Has LInk to Menu
Schema Registry Resources
Schemas All: R WAll: R WAll: -
Model Registry Resources
ModelsAll: R

U: R W

O: R