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Installing NiFi on a New HDP Cluster

If you are installing NiFi on a new HDP installation, as opposed to an upgraded HDP installation, follow the instructions at Installing NiFi on a New HDP Cluster.

In addition to other settings for the Advanced nifi-ambari-ssl-config, you must add a node identify for the Knox node.

For example:

  • <property name="Node Identity1">CN=$NIFI_HOSTNAME, OU=NIFI</property>

  • <property name="Node Identity2">CN=$NIFI_HOSTNAME, OU=NIFI</property>

  • <property name="Node Identity3">CN=$NIFI_HOSTNAME, OU=NIFI</property>

  • <property name="Node Identity4">CN=$KNOX_HOSTNAME, OU=KNOX</property>