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Adding Controller Services for Dataflows

To add a Controller Service for a dataflow, you can either right click a Process Group and select Configure, or click Configure from the Operate Palette. When you click Configure from the Operate Palette with nothing selected on your canvas, you add a Controller Service for your root Process Group. That Controller Service is then available to all nested Process Groups in your dataflow. When you select a Process Group on the canvas and then click Configure from either the Operate Palette or the Process Group context menu, you add a Controller Service only for use with the selected Process Group.

In either case, use the following steps to add a Controller Service:

  1. Click Configure, either from the Operate Palette, or from the Process Group context menu.

  2. From the Process Group Configuration page, select the Controller Services tab.

  3. Click the Add button to display the Add Controller Service dialog.

  4. Select the Controller Service you want to add, and click Add.

  5. Perform any necessary Controller Service configuration tasks by clicking the View Details icon ( ) in the left-hand column.