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Navigating within a DataFlow

NiFi provides various mechanisms for getting around a dataflow. The NiFi User Interface section describes various ways to navigate around the NiFi canvas; however, once a flow exists on the canvas, there are additional ways to get from one component to another. When multiple Process Groups exist in a flow, breadcrumbs appear at the bottom of the screen, providing a way to navigate between them. In addition, to enter a Process Group that is currently visible on the canvas, simply double-click it, thereby "drilling down" into it. Connections also provide a way to jump from one location to another within the flow. Right-click on a connection and select "Go to source" or "Go to destination" in order to jump to one end of the connection or another. This can be very useful in large, complex dataflows, where the connection lines may be long and span large areas of the canvas. Finally, all components provide the ability to jump forward or backward within the flow. Right-click any component (e.g., a processor, process group, port, etc.) and select either "Upstream connections" or "Downstream connections". A dialog window will open, showing the available upstream or downstream connections that the user may jump to. This can be especially useful when trying to follow a dataflow in a backward direction. It is typically easy to follow the path of a dataflow from start to finish, drilling down into nested process groups; however, it can be more difficult to follow the dataflow in the other direction.