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Component Linking

A hyperlink can be used to navigate directly to a component on the NiFi canvas. This is especially useful when Multi-Tenant Authorization is configured. For example, a URL can be given to a user to direct them to the specific process group to which they have privileges.

The default URL for a NiFI instance is http://<hostname>:8080/nifi, which points to the root process group. When a component is selected on the canvas, the URL is updated with the component's process group id and component id in the form http://<hostname>:8080/nifi/?processGroupId=<UUID>&componentIds=<UUIDs>. In the following screenshot, the GenerateFlowFile processor in the process group PG1 is the selected component:

Linking to multiple components on the canvas is supported, with the restriction that the length of the URL cannot exceed a 2000 character limit.