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Other Management Features

In addition to the Summary Page, Data Provenance Page, Template Management Page, and Bulletin Board Page, there are other tools in the Global Menu (see NiFi User Interface) that are useful to the DFM. Select Flow Configuration History to view all the changes that have been made to the dataflow. The history can aid in troubleshooting, such as if a recent change to the dataflow has caused a problem and needs to be fixed. The DFM can see what changes have been made and adjust the flow as needed to fix the problem. While NiFi does not have an "undo" feature, the DFM can make new changes to the dataflow that will fix the problem.

Two other tools in the Global Menu are Controller Settings and Users. The Controller Settings page provides the ability to change the name of the NiFi instance, add comments describing the NiFi instance, and set the maximum number of threads that are available to the application. It also provides tabs where DFMs may add and configure Controller Services and Reporting Tasks. The Users page is used to manage user access, which is described in the System Administrator's Guide.