2. Install Flume

Flume is included in the HDP repository, but it is not installed automatically as part of the standard HDP installation process. Hortonworks recommends that administrators not install Flume agents on any node in a Hadoop cluster. The following image depicts a sample topology with six Flume agents:

  • Agents 1, 2, and 4 installed on web servers in Data Centers 1 and 2.

  • Agents 3 and 5 installed on separate hosts in Data Centers 1 and 2 to collect and forward server data in Avro format.

  • Agent 6 installed on a separate host on the same network as the Hadoop cluster in Data Center 3 to write all Avro-formatted data to HDFS


It is possible to run multiple Flume agents on the same host. The sample topology represents only one potential data flow.


Hortonworks recommends that administrators use a separate configuration file for each Flume agent. In the diagram above, agents 1, 2, and 4 may have identical configuration files with matching Flume sources, channels, sinks. This is also true of agents 3 and 5. While it is possible to use one large configuration file that specifies all the Flume components needed by all the agents, this is not typical of most production deployments. See Configure Flume for more information about configuring Flume agents.

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