Chapter 10. Installing and Configuring Apache Tez

Apache Tez is the next generation Hadoop query processing framework and execution engine written on top of YARN. Tez is a replacement for the MapReduce application that supports a range of performance features that radically improve query latency in Hadoop. This improvement in query performance enables the use of Hadoop for interactive queries by business analysts and data scientists. With Tez, Hadoop provides both interactive and batch queries.


Verify that your cluster meets the following pre-requisites before installing Tez:

  • Apache Hadoop 2.4

  • YARN


    Hadoop administrators can also intall Tez using Ambari, which may reduce installation time by automating the installation across all cluster nodes.

Use the following instructions to install and configure Tez:


There are no additional steps required to secure Tez if your cluster is already configured for security.

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