2. Configure Accumulo

  1. Accumulo provides example configurations that you can modify. Copy all files from one of the examples folders in /etc/accumulo/conf/examples to /etc/accumulo/conf.

    For example, you would use the following command to copy all of the files in the /etc/accumulo/conf/examples/512MB/standalone folder to the /etc/accumulo/conf folder:

    cp /etc/accumulo/conf/examples/512MB/standalone/* /etc/accumulo/conf

  2. Make an Accumulo data directory:

    su hdfs
    hadoop fs -mkdir -p /user/accumulo/data 
  3. Change permissions to restrict access to the data directory to the accumulo user:

    su hdfs
    hadoop fs -chmod -R 700 /user/accumulo/data 
  4. Change ownership of the data directory to the Accumulo user and group.

    su hdfs
    hadoop fs -chown -R accumlo:accumulo /user/accumulo/data

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