2. Set Directories and Permissions

Create directories and configure ownership + permissions on the appropriate hosts as described below.

If any of these directories already exist, we recommend deleting and recreating them. Use the following instructions to create appropriate directories:

  1. We strongly suggest that you edit and source the bash script files included with the companion files (downloaded in  Download Companion Files).

    Alternatively, you can also copy the contents to your ~/.bash_profile) to set up these environment variables in your environment.

  2. Execute the following commands on all nodes:

    mkdir -p $HBASE_LOG_DIR;
    chmod -R 755 $HBASE_LOG_DIR;
    mkdir -p $HBASE_PID_DIR;
    chmod -R 755  $HBASE_PID_DIR;


    • $HBASE_LOG_DIR is the directory to store the HBase logs. For example, /var/log/hbase.

    • $HBASE_PID_DIR is the directory to store the HBase process ID. For example, /var/run/hbase.

    • $HBASE_USER is the user owning the HBase services. For example, hbase.

    • $HADOOP_GROUP is a common group shared by services. For example, hadoop.

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