4.3. Configure Beeswax

In the [beeswax] section of the configuration file, you can optionally specify the following:


The hostname or IP that the Beeswax Server should bind to. By default it binds to localhost, and therefore only serves local IPC clients.


The base directory of your Hive installation.


The directory containing your hive-site.xml Hive configuration file.


The heap size (-Xmx) of the Beeswax Server.


Depending on your environment and the Hive queries you run, queries may fail with an Internal error processing query message. Look for an error message java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit exceeded in the beeswax_server.out log file. To increase the heap size to avoid this out of memory error, modify the hadoop-env.sh file and change the value of HADOOP_CLIENT_OPTS.

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