5. Upgrading from HDP 2.2.x to HDP 2.2.4

HDP 2.2.4 is a maintenance release of HDP 2.2.x. If you already have HDP 2.2.x installed, upgrading your cluster to HDP 2.2.4 means:

  • Keeping the same configuration files you used for HDP 2.2.x

  • Keeping the same data and metadata in the same location you used for HDP 2.2.x

  • Installing any new components (added for the first time in HDP 2.2.4) side-by-side with existing components

The following table summarizes HDP 2.2.x-to-2.2.4 upgrade options:

Cluster Management

Supporting Doc


Cluster managed manually

these Release Notes

If you have an earlier version of HDP (such as HDP 2.0 or HDP 2.1) see the HDP v. 2.2.4 Manual Upgrade Guide

Cluster managed via Ambari 1.7.0

these Release Notes

Cluster managed via Ambari 2.0

Upgrading Ambari

Ambari 2.0 supports rolling upgrade between HDP 2.2.x and HDP 2.2.4