Data Governance Guide
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Cluster Interfaces

You can define the following interfaces in your cluster entity:

Table 4.2. Cluster Interfaces
Type Required Interface Example Code Definition
readonly Yes
<interface type="readonly" endpoint="hftp://nn: 50070" version="2.4.2" />

Needed by distcp for replications.

write Yes
<interface type="write" endpoint="hdfs://nn:8020" version="2.4.2" />
Writes system data to HDFS.
execute Yes
<interface type="execute" endpoint ="rm:8050"  version="0.20.2" />
Submits processes as MapReduce.
workflow Yes
<interface type="workflow" 
             endpoint="http://localhost:11000/oozie/" version="3.1" />
Submits Oozie jobs.
registry No, unless your feeds are Hive tables.
<interface type="registry" 
             endpoint="thrift://localhost:9083" version="0.11.0" />
Required for Hive metastore to register/deregister partitions and get events on partition availability.
messaging Yes
<interface type="messaging" 
            endpoint="tcp://localhost:61616?daemon=true" version="5.4.6" />
Needed for alerting.