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Viewing Alerts in Falcon

Falcon provides alerting for a variety of events to let you monitor the health of your data pipelines. All events are logged to the metric.log file, which is installed by default in your $user/logs/ directory. You can view the events from the log or capture them using a custom interface.

Each event logged provides the following information:

  • Date: UTC date of action.

  • Action: Event name.

  • Dimensions: List of name/value pairs of various attributes for a given action.

  • Status: Result of the action. Can be FAILED or SUCCEEDED (when applicable).

  • Time-taken: Time in nanoseconds for a given action to complete.

For example, a new process-definition alert would log the following information:

2012-05-04 12:23:34,026 {Action:submit, Dimensions:{entityType=process}, Status: SUCCEEDED, Time-taken:97087000 ns}

Table 2.5. Available Falcon Event Alerts

Entity TypeActionReturns Success/Failure
ClusterNew cluster definitions submitted to FalconYes
ClusterCluster update eventsYes
ClusterCluster remove eventsYes
Feed New feed definition submitted to FalconYes
FeedFeed update eventsYes
FeedFeed suspend events Yes
FeedFeed resume eventsYes
FeedFeed remove eventsYes
FeedFeed instance deletion eventNo
FeedFeed instance deletion failure event (no retries)No
FeedFeed instance replication eventNo
FeedFeed instance replication failure eventNo
FeedFeed instance replication auto-retry eventNo
FeedFeed instance replication retry exhaust eventNo
FeedFeed instance late arrival eventNo
FeedFeed instance post cut-off arrival eventNo
ProcessNew process definition posted to FalconYes
ProcessProcess update eventsYes
ProcessProcess suspend eventsYes
ProcessProcess resume events Yes
ProcessProcess remove events Yes
ProcessProcess instance kill eventsYes
ProcessProcess instance re-run eventsYes
ProcessProcess instance generation eventsNo
ProcessProcess instance failure eventsNo
ProcessProcess instance auto-retry eventsNo
ProcessProcess instance retry exhaust eventsNo
ProcessProcess re-run due to late feed eventNo
N/ATransaction rollback failed eventNo