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Enabling Email Notifications

You can enable email notifications in feed entities and process entities. When email notifications are enabled, an email is sent to the specified email address when the scheduled feed or process instance completes. Email notifications can be specified in feed or process entities as follows:

<process name="<process_name>
     <notification type="email" to=","/>

Where type specifies the type of notification. Currently, only the email notification type is supported. The to attribute specifies where the notification is to be sent. In the case of email notifications, specify the email address where you want notifications sent for the to attribute. Multiple recipients can be specified as a comma-separated list of email addresses as shown in the previous example. The <notification> tag must be placed before the <ACL> tag.

Falcon email notifications require SMTP server configurations to be defined in the Falcon file that is located in the FALCON_HOME/conf directory. Configure the following startup properties for email notifications:

Table 2.6. Email Notifications Startup Properties



Default Values

Name of the host where the SMTP server can be found.


The SMTP server host port to connect to.


The "From:" address used for all notification emails.


Indicates whether user sending the email is authenticated. Boolean value (true | false)


If authentication is enabled, this property specifies the username that is used to log in.


If authentication is enabled, the username's password that is used to authenticate the user.



Ensure that the email notification plugin is listed for this property to enable email notifications.

For example:

org.apache.falcon.plugin.EmailNotificationPlugin, org.apache.falcon.plugin.DefaultMonitoringPlugin