HDP-2.4.3 Release Notes
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HDP 2.4.3 provides Kafka with no additional Apache patches included.

HDP 2.4.2 provided Kafka and the following Apache patches:

  • KAFKA-2803: Add hard bounce system test for Kafka Connect.

  • KAFKA-2812: Improve consumer integration tests.

  • KAFKA-2862: Fix MirrorMaker's message.handler.args description.

  • KAFKA-2872: Unite sink nodes with parent nodes in addSink.

  • KAFKA-2877: Handle request timeout in sync group.

  • KAFKA-2878: Guard against OutOfMemory in Kafka broker.

  • KAFKA-2879: Make MiniKDC test service slightly more generic.

  • KAFKA-2880: Consumer should handle disconnect/timeout for metadata requests.

  • KAFKA-2881: Improve Consumer Configs and API Documentation.

  • KAFKA-2882: Add constructor cache for Snappy and LZ4 Output/Input streams in Compressor.java.

  • KAFKA-2892: Consumer Docs Use Wrong Method.

  • KAFKA-2899: Improve logging when unexpected exceptions thrown in reading local log.

  • KAFKA-2906: Fix Connect javadocs, restrict only to api subproject, and clean up javadoc warnings.

  • KAFKA-2913: Missing partition check when removing groups from cache.

  • KAFKA-2942: Inadvertent auto-commit when pre-fetching can cause message loss.

  • KAFKA-2950: Fix performance regression in the producer.

HDP 2.4.0 provided Kafka 0.9.0 with no additional Apache patches included.