HDP-2.4.3 Release Notes
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HDP 2.4.3 provides Ranger 0.5.2 and the following Apache patches:

  • RANGER-995: Session tokens created or regenerated by the information system after successful authentication.

  • RANGER-1025: Fix not returning a policy as expected if pageSize is big enough to include the policies we are searching for.

  • RANGER-1039: User and groups having special characters are not populating in edit policy page.

HDP 2.4.2 provided Ranger 0.5.2 and the following Apache patches:

  • RANGER-218: LDAP Groups incorrectly labelled internal.

  • RANGER-746: Addressing suggestions from Review - Add wildcard, multiple CN & SAN support when validating plugins' SSL certs.

  • RANGER-771: Fix 4+ Log entries upon login in X_AUTH_SESS.

  • RANGER-777: Remove the maven profile that was added for building Kafka plugin.

  • RANGER-789: Fix incorrect policy list paging for non-admin users.

  • RANGER-794: Ranger policy engine performance measurement.

  • RANGER-798: Handle different timezone issue while saving audit logs to Solr.

  • RANGER-799: Ranger UI fixes - partial search not working on Policy listing page.

  • RANGER-804: Delete groups associated with User causes Exception in UserSync.

  • RANGER-809: Audit framework need to cache the getHostName() values to reuse for successive calls.

  • RANGER-821: Ranger shutdown hook should not only do its processing asynchronously but also terminate itself if it runs more than a configurable amount of time.

  • RANGER-825: groupId in ranger's child poms should be consistent and follow convention.

  • RANGER-831: policy version incremented twice when resources are updated.

  • RANGER-833: In Ranger UI add support for usernames containing a plus + symbol.

  • RANGER-834: Correct the excludes flag's treatment when resource value denotes everything.

  • RANGER-836: Optimize policy retrieval.

  • RANGER-844: Optimize policy retrieval for non-admin users.

  • RANGER-848: Policy Listing page fix: users column is empty for non-admin users.

  • RANGER-857: Unify (and update) Tomcat versions.

  • RANGER-863: Make parameters like maxHttpHeaderSize configurable for EmbeddedServer.

  • RANGER-882: Scrub received policies before policy engine uses it to guard against inadvertent data corruption: remove null policy resource values.

  • RANGER-889: Policy engine API to find list of users/groups having access to a resource.

  • RANGER-894: Fixing few issues in the ldap tool when user search base or group search base is configured as part of input.

HDP 2.4.0 provided Ranger 0.5.0 and the following Apache patches:

  • RANGER-173: Utility scripts to create HDFS audit folders and policies.

  • RANGER-725: Add the right .gitignore file to the newly added projects so that directory listing is clean after a build.

  • RANGER-767: Refactor UserGroupSink implementation and consolidate performance improvements.

  • RANGER-772: Hive plugin Update Ranger authorizer to mimic changes made by Hive standard authorizer for the case when IMPORT can end up creating a table.

  • RANGER-773: Fix newly found Coverity scan issues for Ranger KMS.

  • RANGER-778: Fix user update issue.

  • RANGER-809: Audit framework need to cache the getHostName() values to reuse for successive calls.