HDP-2.4.3 Release Notes
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HDP 2.4.3 provides Spark 1.6.2 with no additional Apache patches included.

HDP 2.4.2 provided Spark 1.6.1 and the following Apache patches:

  • SPARK-10582: Using dynamic-executor-allocation, if AM failed, the new AM will be started. But the new AM does not allocate executors to driver.

  • SPARK-11137: Make StreamingContext.stop() exception-safe.

  • SPARK-11182: HDFS Delegation Token will be expired when calling "UserGroupInformation.getCurrentUser.addCredentials" in HA mode.

  • SPARK-11314: Add service API and test service for Yarn Cluster schedulers.

  • SPARK-11627: Spark Streaming backpressure mechanism has no initial rate limit, receivers receive data at the maximum speed, it might cause OOM exception.

  • SPARK-11969: SQL UI does not work with PySpark.

  • SPARK-12001: StreamingContext cannot be completely stopped if the stop() is interrupted.

  • SPARK-12009: Avoid re-allocate yarn container while driver want to stop all executors.

  • SPARK-12142: Can't request executor when container allocator is not ready.

  • SPARK-12241: Improve failure reporting in Yarn client obtainTokenForHBase().

  • SPARK-12353: Wrong output for countByValue and countByValueAndWindow.

  • SPARK-12513: SocketReceiver hang in Netcat example.

  • SPARK-12523: Support long-running of the Spark on HBase and hive metastore.

  • SPARK-12920: Fix high CPU usage in Spark thrift server with concurrent users.

  • SPARK-12925: Improve HiveInspectors.unwrap for StringObjectInspector.getPrimitiveWritableObject.

  • SPARK-12948: OrcRelation uses HadoopRDD which can broadcast conf objects frequently.

  • SPARK-12998: Enable OrcRelation when connecting via Spark thrift server.

  • SPARK-13021: Fail fast when custom RDD's violate RDD.partition's API contract.

  • SPARK-13117: WebUI should use the local IP not

  • SPARK-13308: ManagedBuffers passed to OneToOneStreamManager need to be freed in non error cases.

  • SPARK-13360: Pyspark related environment variable is not propagated to driver in yarn-cluster mode.

  • SPARK-13468: Fix a corner case where the page UI should show DAG but it doesn't show.

  • SPARK-13478: Use real user when fetching delegation tokens.

  • SPARK-13599: Groovy-all ends up in spark-assembly if Hive profile set.

  • SPARK-13642: Properly handle signal kill in ApplicationMaster.

  • SPARK-13885: Fix attempt ID regression for Spark running on Yarn.

  • SPARK-14062: Fix log4j and upload metrics.properties automatically with distributed cache.

  • SPARK-6847: Stack overflow on updateStateByKey which followed by a stream with checkpoint set.

HDP 2.4.0 provided Spark 1.6.0 and the following Apache patches:

  • SPARK-11315: Add YARN extension service to publish Spark events to YARN timeline service.

  • SPARK-11323: Add History Service Provider to service application histories from YARN timeline server.

  • SPARK-12417: Support to have ORC bloom filters during write code path.

  • SPARK-12898: Consider having dummyCallSite for HiveTableScan.