HDP-2.4.3 Release Notes
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HDP 2.4.3 provides Pig 0.15.0 and the following Apache patches:

  • PIG-4587: Applying isFirstReduceOfKey for Skewed left outer join skips records.

  • PIG-4714: Improve logging across multiple components with callerId (Pig launch throws ATS errors).

  • PIG-4873: InputSplit.getLocations return null and result a NPE in Pig.

HDP 2.4.2 provided Pig 0.15.0 and the following Apache patches:

  • PIG-4690: Union with self replicate join will fail in Tez.

  • PIG-4760: TezDAGStats.convertToHadoopCounters is not used, but impose MR counter limit.

  • PIG-4790: Join after union fail due to UnionOptimizer.

  • PIG-4814: AvroStorage does not take namenode HA as part of schema file URL.

  • PIG-4816: Read a null scalar causing a Tez failure.

HDP 2.4.0 provided Pig 0.15.0 with no additional Apache patches included.