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If you are running ATLAS Service on the SUSE 11 platform, you must first upgrade Ambari to version or newer before upgrading to HDP 2.5.6.

To conform to security standards, ATLAS has disabled TLS v1 and TLS v1.1 protocols in HDP 2.5.5+ releases. However, on the SUSE 11 platform, the default curl command does not support TLS 1.2 protocol. This means an Atlas installation on the SUSE 11 platform requires AMBARI version or above, which will allow ATLAS Service to work with older (insecure) TLS protocols.

HDP 2.5.6 provides Atlas 0.7.1 and the following Apache patches:

  • ATLAS-1760: UI update to render property value per attribute type in entity definition.

HDP 2.5.5 provided Atlas 0.7.1 and the following Apache patches:

  • ATLAS-1351: HiveHook fails with NPE for hive process registration.

  • ATLAS-1377: Fix for Escaping comma for LDAP properties.

  • ATLAS-1437: UI: Term and Tag cannot be assigned to deleted entity when multiple entities are selected.

  • ATLAS-1443: Regression: Default values are not returned for optional attributes, these are actually ignored in the response..

  • ATLAS-1508: Atlas AD authentication Active Directory Authentication should authenticate on sAMAccountName attribute.

  • ATLAS-1538: Make AtlasADAuthenticationProvider like Ranger ADLdap Methods.

  • ATLAS-1542: Atlas server fails to start if duplicate types are found during Typesystem bootstrap.

  • ATLAS-1546: Hive hook should choose appropriate JAAS config if host uses kerberos ticket-cache.

  • ATLAS-1550: fix for unit test failure in TypeSystemTest.testDuplicateTypenames().

  • ATLAS-1567: Regression: AtlasHook for falcon seems to be broken, it is not invoked when a falcon cluster entity is submitted (nixonrodrigues via mneethiraj).

  • ATLAS-1585: Display Entity Type on ATLAS search results (list).

  • ATLAS-1596: Show Properties in a Alphabetical order (sorting).

  • ATLAS-1630: Basic search implementation using fulltext.

  • ATLAS-1630: Change ATLAS Search behavior to improve the search results for end-user.

  • ATLAS-1667: Atlas UI Cleanup for lineage.

HDP 2.5.3 provided Atlas 0.7.0 and no additional Apache patches.

HDP 2.5.0 provided Atlas 0.7.0 and the following Apache patches:

  • ATLAS-347: Atlas search APIs should allow pagination of results.

  • ATLAS-584: Integrate CSRF prevention filter.

  • ATLAS-639: Exception for lineage request.

  • ATLAS-655: Please delete old releases from mirroring system.

  • ATLAS-762: Assertion in NegativeSSLAndKerberosTest.testUnsecuredClient needs to be hardened.

  • ATLAS-847: UI Audit versioning does not paginate details from Atlas server.

  • ATLAS-861: 1 table out of 50,000 tables is left unimported throwing exception during deserialization.

  • ATLAS-902: Atlas throws exception due to null definition in Hive create table statement.

  • ATLAS-917: Add hdfs paths to process qualified name for non-partition based queries.

  • ATLAS-936: Update atlas website for 0.7 release.

  • ATLAS-949: UI improvement for modal and tag styling in table.

  • ATLAS-957: Atlas is not capturing topologies that have $ in the data payload.

  • ATLAS-963: UI Entity details is not display String array attribute values correctly.

  • ATLAS-965: Old lineage still exists after dropping tables and re-creating tables with same name.

  • ATLAS-966: Exit execution of if HIVE_HOME is not set.

  • ATLAS-968: Set group information from UGI for Ldap authentication.

  • ATLAS-970: Remove glyphicon from login.jsp.

  • ATLAS-971: UI not displaying results for this query - Eg "hive_table as t where qualifiedName = 'default.input@cl1' select t".

  • ATLAS-986: Ability to differentiate business catalog terms from traits.

  • ATLAS-987: Atlas hooks should avoid adding dependent libraries to component CLASSPATH.

  • ATLAS-988: HiveHookIT.testInsertIntoTable is broken.

  • ATLAS-990: Hive Import metadata script fails with auth exception.

  • ATLAS-993: If condition in DSL order by clause is not defined then DSL query fails.

  • ATLAS-995: Atlas to setup ldap authentication type as either LDAP / AD or None.

  • ATLAS-996: DSL queries with comparisons of many primitive types fail.

  • ATLAS-998: Determine HA mode from property atlas.server.ids, instead of atlas.server.ha.enabled.

  • ATLAS-1001: UI Paginate search APIs.

  • ATLAS-1002: Create default user rangertagsync in atlas file authentication for Ranger tag sync module.

  • ATLAS-1003: DataSetLineageServiceTest, GraphBackedDiscoveryServiceTest, and GraphRepoMapperScaleTest failing in some environments.

  • ATLAS-1004: Option to enable taxonomy feature.

  • ATLAS-1006: Paginate full text search results.

  • ATLAS-1009: Source HIVE_HOME and HIVE_CONF_DIR from

  • ATLAS-1010: Atlas allows recreation of tags with same name.

  • ATLAS-1021: Update Atlas architecture wiki.

  • ATLAS-1022: Update typesystem wiki with details.

  • ATLAS-1025: Set HIVE_HOME if hive is available in relative path to import hive script.

  • ATLAS-1026: StoreBackedTypeCache issues.

  • ATLAS-1027: Atlas hooks should use properties from, instead of component's configuration.

  • ATLAS-1030: Add instrumentation to measure performance REST API.

  • ATLAS-1032: Atlas hook package should not include libraries already present in host component - like log4j.

  • ATLAS-1033: Fix for issues flagged by Coverity scan.

  • ATLAS-1034: Incorrect Falcon hook impl class name in Falcon hook shim.

  • ATLAS-1036: Compilation error on java 1.8 - GraphBackedDiscoveryService.

  • ATLAS-1038: Multiple instances of AtlasPluginClassloader getting initialized.

  • ATLAS-1042: Performance improvement changes for propertykey+typeName based queries.

  • ATLAS-1046: Search pagination refinements.

  • ATLAS-1048: test in distro project fails on Windows.

  • ATLAS-1049: Fix validation while filtering by supertypes.

  • ATLAS-1049: List types by supertype.

  • ATLAS-1051: Sqoop Hook does not package HDFS model jars which is required.

  • ATLAS-1052: Fix NPE in HiveHook due to null Session State.

  • ATLAS-1053: Fix issues flagged by Coverity scan - potential NPE.

  • ATLAS-1056: Differentiate between tag and term using attribute "taxonomy.namespace".

  • ATLAS-1059: Change log level to debug for search APIs.

  • ATLAS-1060: Add composite indexes for exact match performance improvements for all attributes.

  • ATLAS-1064: Pagination for full text search results.

  • ATLAS-1065: Full text search view same as DSL's.

  • ATLAS-1066: Falcon fails to post entity to Atlas due to Kafka exception.

  • ATLAS-1071: Regression - UI - Details Button under Audits Tab is not working.

  • ATLAS-1080: Regression - UI - hive_storagedesc is shown as "undefined" in UI.

  • ATLAS-1086: Build failure in hive-bridge after security fixes in ATLAS-762.

  • ATLAS-1087: Provide an option to turn off persisting entity definition in audits.

  • ATLAS-1088: Fix /search api to default to full text on DSL failure.

  • ATLAS-1090: Multi-Select Tagging.

  • ATLAS-1091: Improvement in DSL search functionality.

  • ATLAS-1092: Add Table.CreateTime to process qualified Name for all hive_process for lineage to work on dropped/recreated tables.

  • ATLAS-1096: Modify HiveMetaStoreBridge.import to use getEntity instead of DSL.

  • ATLAS-1099: Multiple tag assign button hides wrongly.

  • ATLAS-1103: Search type list is not refreshed.

  • ATLAS-1104: Get outgoing edges by label doesn't work in some cases.

  • ATLAS-1105: Disable HiveLiteralRewriterTest since its not used currently.

  • ATLAS-1108: In Atlas HA mode , in Passive instance fails.

  • ATLAS-1111: Data loss is observed when atlas is restarted while hive_table metadata ingestion into Kafka topic is in-progress.

  • ATLAS-1112: Hive table GET response from atlas server had duplicate column entries.

  • ATLAS-1115: Show Tag / Taxonomy Listing in sorted order.

  • ATLAS-1119: Add retries for edge label creation.

  • ATLAS-1121: NPE while submitting topology in StormHook.