Release Notes
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HDP 2.5.6 provides Calcite 1.2.0 and no additional Apache patches.

HDP 2.5.5 provided Calcite 1.2.0 and no additional Apache patches.

HDP 2.5.3 provided Calcite 1.2.0 and no additional Apache patches.

HDP 2.5.0 provided Calcite 1.2.0 and the following Apache patches:

  • CALCITE-259: Using sub-queries in CASE statement against JDBC tables generates invalid Oracle SQL.

  • CALCITE-429: Add statistics SPI for lattic optimization algorithm.

  • CALCITE-522: In remote JDBC driver, transmit static database properties as a map.

  • CALCITE-585: Avatica JDBC methods should throw SQLFeatureNotSupportedException.

  • CALCITE-645: Pass server-side exceptions back to the client.

  • CALCITE-661: Remote fetch in Calcite JDBC driver.

  • CALCITE-671: ByteString does not deserialize properly as a FetchRequest parameterValue.

  • CALCITE-677: RemoteDriverTest.testTypeHandling fails east of Greenwich.

  • CALCITE-687: Make RemoteDriverTest thread-safe.

  • CALCITE-699: In Avatica, synchronize access to Calendar.

  • CALCITE-705: DML in Avatica, and split Execute out from Fetch request.

  • CALCITE-708: Avatica and Calcite to support DatabaseMetaData getTypeInfo.

  • CALCITE-712: Avatica statement execute return all resultset instead of MaxRows from setMaxRows.

  • CALCITE-717: Compare BINARY and VARBINARY on unsigned byte values.

  • CALCITE-718: Enable fetch to work for Statement.execute().

  • CALCITE-728: Test suite hangs on Windows.

  • CALCITE-730: ClassCastException in table from CloneSchema.

  • CALCITE-741: Dependencies should not be empty.

  • CALCITE-765: RPC server returns JSON data with Content-Type set to text/html.

  • CALCITE-767: Commit functionality not exposed by the RPC server.

  • CALCITE-780: HTTP error 413 when sending a long string to the Avatica server.

  • CALCITE-789: MetaImpl.MetaCatalog should expose TABLE_CAT instead of TABLE_CATALOG.

  • CALCITE-795: Loss of precision when sending a decimal number via the remote JSON service.

  • CALCITE-813: Upgrade updateCount, maxRows from int to long.

  • CALCITE-825: Allow user to specify sort order of an ArrayTable.

  • CALCITE-840: Protobuf transport for Avatica.

  • CALCITE-843: AvaticaConnection.getAutoCommit throws NullPointerException.

  • CALCITE-865: NullPointerException in getTables with PostgreSQL.

  • CALCITE-866: Create documentation for RPC message format(s).

  • CALCITE-871: JdbcResultSet returns incomplete Frame with "default" statement ID.

  • CALCITE-903: Enable client to recover from missing server-side state.

  • CALCITE-905: getTables returns empty result in JdbcMeta.

  • CALCITE-906: Avatica JDbcMeta statement IDs are not unique.

  • CALCITE-908: Bump protobuf dependency to protobuf-3.0.0-beta-1.

  • CALCITE-910: Improve handling of ARRAY, MULTISET, STRUCT types.

  • CALCITE-912: Pass URL connection properties to avatica server.

  • CALCITE-913: Avatica transport of array fields fails.

  • CALCITE-914: Missing JsonSubType for ExecuteResponse.

  • CALCITE-919: ArithmeticException when querying against decimal field.

  • CALCITE-921: ClassCastException byte[] to String with protobuf.

  • CALCITE-927: ColumnsRequest Service call doesn't "fix" ResultSetResponse.

  • CALCITE-951: Print the server-side stack in the local exception.

  • CALCITE-962: Server-side exception (stack trace) not propagated in JdbcMeta.propagate.

  • CALCITE-984: NPE in ErrorResponse construction.

  • CALCITE-989: Provide generic server metadata in responses.

  • CALCITE-1156: Increase jetty version to 9.2.15.v20160210.

  • CALCITE-1239: Upgrade to avatica-1.8.0.