Release Notes
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Fixed Issues

Fixed issues represents selected issues that were previously logged via Hortonworks Support, but are now addressed in the current release. These issues may have been reported in previous versions within the Known Issues section; meaning they were reported by customers or identified by Hortonworks Quality Engineering team.

Incorrect Results

Hortonworks Bug IDApache JIRASummary
BUG-72574 HIVE-15231 query on view with CTE and alias fails with table not found error
BUG-76248 ATLAS-1611 Regression: Incorrect error code for the negative tests. Returned: "500 server error", expected: "400 Bad Request"
BUG-76503 AMBARI-20519, HIVE-16310 Runtime filtering is not rendering properly
BUG-77143 ATLAS-1660 Regression : Error code mismatch in while GETing a type that doesn't exist.
BUG-77354 ATLAS-1673 Unable to re-create a deleted type through REST APIs
BUG-77970 ATLAS-1681 Atlas went into inconsistent state after creating a type with faulty definition
BUG-78244 RANGER-1484 RangerUI: Escape of policy condition text entered in the policy form.
BUG-78733 ATLAS-1722 Export API returns success, even if one of the items is not successfully imported
BUG-78826 ATLAS-1724 Exporting a non-existing entity results in success. Ideally, this should result in error.
BUG-78854 ATLAS-1673, ATLAS-1728 Type deletion is allowed even when instance of the type exists.
BUG-78876 ATLAS-1730 Error after updating attribute's data type of an Atlas type
BUG-79286 ATLAS-1736 Type registration becomes inconsistent after creating a type with attribute name having special characters.
BUG-79529 N/A create local index data with the timestamp of respective data table cells
BUG-79537 ATLAS-1747 Difference in result of POSTing Structs to V1 APIs and V2 APIs
BUG-80721 ZEPPELIN-1965 Livy SQL Interpreter: Should use, false) to display results
BUG-80803 RANGER-1576 Ranger Admin UI Access tab tags column displaying invalid details


Hortonworks Bug IDApache JIRASummary
BUG-73074 ATLAS-1433 Atlas allows creation of tag with attributes' name same as that of its parent tags.
BUG-78367 FLUME-3002 Some tests in TestBucketWriter are flaky
BUG-78618 ATLAS-1714 UI : Properties tab doesn't load when an entity has attribute of type array of integers
BUG-79034 ATLAS-1684, ATLAS-1686, ATLAS-1709, ATLAS-1717, ATLAS-1721 Export/import fixes and improvements
BUG-79035 ATLAS-1663, ATLAS-1672, ATLAS-1685 Fix for issues flagged by Coverity scan
BUG-79734 RANGER-1431 fix AuthSessionService.mapEntityToViewBean to not throw NPE


Hortonworks Bug IDApache JIRASummary
BUG-76075 HIVE-16053 Remove newRatio from JAVA_OPTS_BASE
BUG-76952 HIVE-14731, HIVE-16690 Cross product running with 1 reducer even when it's fed by 4 mappers and 1 reducer
BUG-77703 HIVE-16423, HIVE-16550 Add query hint for semijoins
BUG-77829 HIVE-16462 Vectorization: Enabling hybrid grace disables specialization of all reduce side joins
BUG-77890 HIVE-16296 LLAP: Determine reducers based on number of executors
BUG-78023 hive-16423 Bloom filter branch gets duplicated for every downstream vertices
BUG-78315 SPARK-8617 in-progress files during cleanup
BUG-78678 RANGER-1522 Improve ranger startup time in Hdinsight clusters
BUG-78697 ATLAS-1707, ATLAS-1745 A css from the index.html keeps downloading indefinitely.
BUG-78776 SPARK-8617 spark.history.fs.cleaner.* properties have no effect on .inprogress files
BUG-78946 HIVE-16371 Add bitmap selection strategy for druid storage handler
BUG-78952 CALCITE-1749 Push filter conditions partially into Druid
BUG-78953N/APush Extraction function aggragation to druid.
BUG-79002 AMBARI-20999 Update LLAP settings in Ambari based on perf runs
BUG-79473 HIVE-16044 LLAP: Shuffle Handler keep-alive connections are closed from the server side
BUG-79594 HIVE-16523 hashtable-related perf regression in vectorized gby
BUG-79639 LIVY-356 Provide Livy Http Request/Response Header Size Configuration
BUG-79757 YARN-5368 Memory leak in timeline server
BUG-79995 CALCITE-1769 Push Filters down to druid when there a cast to numeric
BUG-80133 TEZ-3207, TEZ-3708 Improved unpartitioned cartesian product
BUG-80166 TEZ-3284 Synchronization for every write in UnorderdKVWriter
BUG-80245 OOZIE-1978, OOZIE-2719 Forkjoin validation code is ridiculously slow in some cases
BUG-80248 OOZIE-2457, OOZIE-2496 Oozie log parsing regex consume more than 90% cpu
BUG-80275 YARN-5342 Improve non-exclusive node partition resource allocation in Capacity Scheduler
BUG-80412 FALCON-2113 Falcon retry happens in few cases in spite of a manual kill from the user
BUG-80547 HIVE-16330 Improve plans for scalar subquery with aggregates
BUG-80710 PHOENIX-3842​ Local Index - Compaction fails on table with local index due to non-increasing bloom keys
BUG-80752 HBASE-18036 Data locality is not maintained after cluster restart or SSH
BUG-80845N/A[spark2-llap-long-running] Spark2 Thrift Server ran into OutOfMemoryError
BUG-80856 HBASE-17017, HBASE-17072 HBASE-17072 + HBASE-17017
BUG-81198 ATLAS-1818 Basic-search takes long time to fetch results
BUG-81222 HIVE-16717 Extend shared scan optimizer to handle partitions
BUG-81273 AMBARI-21080 Update shuffle timeout settings
BUG-81442 HIVE-16737 LLAP: Shuffle handler TCP listen queue overflows
BUG-81757 HIVE-14204 Optimize loading dynamic partitions

Potential Data Loss

Hortonworks Bug IDApache JIRASummary
BUG-78455 RANGER-1490 Data truncation: Out of range value error on x_policy_resource_map table
BUG-79048 HADOOP-14195 CredentialProviderFactory$getProviders is not thread-safe
BUG-79114N/AHue :Hive query sometime utilize partition while browsing tables
BUG-80411 FALCON-2097 Feed update with replication delay creates random number of holes/overlaps

Query Failure

Hortonworks Bug IDApache JIRASummary
BUG-76866 RANGER-1471 Multiple search not working with random data
BUG-79495 ATLAS-1744 Error when searching type with attribute name "order" , "limit" , "offset"


Hortonworks Bug IDApache JIRASummary
BUG-76683 ZEPPELIN-2288 CSRF protection in Zeppelin
BUG-77400N/AFix HiveServer2 delegation token acquisition
BUG-77816 RANGER-1475 open ldap test fails since all the delta user were not syncd
BUG-78277 HADOOP-13812 Hadoop - Upgrade Tomcat version
BUG-78283 RANGER-1499 Ranger - Upgrade Tomcat version
BUG-78757 RANGER-1500 Add support to exclude/disable SSL protocols.
BUG-78909N/AAllow users to submit Storm topologies via Token
BUG-78979 RANGER-1546 SCA : Insecure Randomness
BUG-78980 RANGER-1546 SCA : Password Management: Password in Comment
BUG-78981 RANGER-1546 SCA : Session Fixation
BUG-78982 RANGER-1560 SCA : Weak Cryptographic Hash
BUG-78983 RANGER-1571 SCA : Weak Cryptographic Hash: Insecure PBE Iteration Count
BUG-78984 RANGER-1571 SCA : Weak Encryption: Insecure Mode of Operation
BUG-79033 RANGER-1513 [New Feature] - Add Support for S3 authorization in Ranger Hive Plugin
BUG-79046 ATLAS-1727 Update QuickStart to mask password input
BUG-79049 ZEPPELIN-1472 Create new LdapRealm based on Apache Knox LdapRealm Class
BUG-79057 RANGER-1433, RANGER-1531 SCA : XML Entity Expansion Injection
BUG-79058 RANGER-1531 SCA : XML External Entity Injection
BUG-79242 ATLAS-1752 Atlas Group mapping for ranger doesn't work if using kerberos authentication
BUG-79675 RANGER-1554 Ranger AD search filter is not get honored when logging into admin UI
BUG-79718 RANGER-1416 SunX509 is the hardcoded Algorithm for SSL
BUG-79934 N/A Invalidate Previous JSESSIONID after Authentication in Zeppelin
BUG-80074N/Ajdbc interpreter throwing CNF for SSLContexts class
BUG-80177N/AParent process's env vars should not be inherited to child process during container launch
BUG-80229N/ASpawn thread in HdfsSecurityUtil.login to periodically relogin from keytab
BUG-80233 ZEPPELIN-2079, ZEPPELIN-2151, ZEPPELIN-2224, ZEPPELIN-2407 Fixes to Zeppelin Livy interpeter and improved integration testing
BUG-80340N/A[2.6-maint] - Oozie - Upgrade Tomcat version
BUG-80342 OOZIE-2552 Update ActiveMQ version for security and other fixes
BUG-80381 LIVY-329 [LIVY][WE] Back port LIVY-329
BUG-80402 TBD Invalidate Previous JSESSIONID after Authentication in Zeppelin
BUG-80522N/ASTORM-2482: Refactor the Storm auto credential plugins to be more usable
BUG-80524 STROM-2501 STORM-2501: Auto populate Hive Credentials
BUG-80673 N/A Fix security issue in docker implemention
BUG-80722 RANGER-1577 Update Ranger-WASB servicedefinition to remove Execute permission and disallow policies with a trailing slash
BUG-80997 STORM-2520 STORM-2520: AutoHDFS should prefer cluster-wise hdfs kerberos principal to global hdfs kerberos principal
BUG-80998N/ASTORM-2519: Modify AbstractAutoCreds to look for configKeys in both nimbus and topology configs.
BUG-81029 RANGER-1581 Ranger plugins need to support additional date formats for tag attribute values
BUG-81270 RANGER-1603 Wildcard policy authorization incorrectly performs prefix match
BUG-81498 STORM-2528 Bump log4j version to 2.8.2
BUG-81583 HIVE-16413, HIVE-16673 Create table as select does not check ownership of the location
BUG-81763 RANGER-1619 HS2 doesnt evaluate WASB ranger policies on the location given in Create & Load commands if the location doesn't exist
BUG-81895N/Aif execute permission is not there on the source dir for hive operation then import operation is failing


Hortonworks Bug IDApache JIRASummary
BUG-58549 HIVE-16403 Inconsistent executor counts on LLAP UI
BUG-59449 HIVE-14052 Cleanup structures when external clients use LLAP
BUG-64676N/AShould close/reuse connections in spark-llap
BUG-66120 HIVE-14743 \query failure with HBase+view+join
BUG-67648 TEZ-3503, TEZ-3656 UI changes to use queue info from DAG info and support search by queue name
BUG-68071 HIVE-16488 Support replicating into existing db if the db is empty
BUG-71753 HIVE-13652 ImportSemanticAnalyzer - use table partition column order for location
BUG-71810 HIVE-15556 Replicate views
BUG-72381 HIVE-15993 Hive Repl Status is not returning last event id
BUG-72574 HIVE-15231 query on view with CTE and alias fails with table not found error
BUG-72696 HBASE-17287 Master becomes a zombie if filesystem object closes
BUG-73121 TEZ-3626 First Task Start Time & Last Task Finish Time values are showing up incorrectly on Tez UI
BUG-73896 HIVE-16341 Tez Task Execution Summary has incorrect input record counts on some operators
BUG-74020 HIVE-16171 Support replication of truncate table
BUG-74038 HIVE-15810 Hive Server interactive server start failed with "Unable to start curator PathChildrenCache"
BUG-75212 HIVE-15754 exchange partition is not generating notifications
BUG-75214 HIVE-15964 LLAP: Llap IO codepath not getting invoked due to file column id mismatch (All schema evolution broken with LLAP-IO)
BUG-75310 HIVE-16633 userFromAuthenticator is not picking up the correct value
BUG-75381 HIVE-16006 Incremental REPL LOAD Inserts doesn't operate on the target database if name differs from source database.
BUG-75473 SLIDER-1212 testAgentEcho UT fails intermittently
BUG-75857 HBASE-17501 NullPointerException after Datanodes Decommissioned and Terminated
BUG-75966 AMBARI-21065 [LLAP] - llap daemon killed for exceeding memory
BUG-76373 HIVE-16655, TEZ-3715, TEZ-3716 Unnecessary preemption / kill loop
BUG-76503 AMBARI-20519, HIVE-16310 Runtime filtering is not rendering properly
BUG-76673 HIVE-16073, HIVE-16610 Fix partition column check during runtime filtering
BUG-76721 TEZ-3654 Cross product crash with UNION ALL
BUG-76727N/Aflakiness in TestDbTxnManager2
BUG-76886 HIVE-16060 GenericUDTFJSONTuple's json cache could overgrow beyond its limit
BUG-77033N/AColumn level lineage for not available for table Views in Hive1 (not Hive 2.0)
BUG-77126 HIVE-16193 Hive show compactions not reflecting the correct status of the application
BUG-77607 SLIDER-1219 Few TestSliderUtils UT are failing
BUG-77866 HADOOP-14112 Backport HADOOP-14112 for Azure Data Lake Phase I: Stabilization
BUG-77947 HIVE-11976 Extend CBO rules to being able to apply rules only once on a given operator
BUG-77960 HIVE-16546 [LLAP] - Large map join locks up the cluster for some time
BUG-77997 HIVE-15792 Hive should raise SemanticException when LPAD/RPAD pad character's length is 0
BUG-78017 HDFS-9193 Fix incorrect references the usages of the DN in dfshealth.js
BUG-78130 HIVE-15754, HIVE-16344 Replicate alter-table-exchange
BUG-78162 HIVE-16497 FileUtils. isActionPermittedForFileHierarchy list status should be impersonated
BUG-78190N/AInvestigate TezTaskAttemptId instance leak in llap daemons
BUG-78231 HIVE-16186 REPL DUMP shows last event ID of the database even if we use LIMIT option.
BUG-78232 HIVE-16197 Incremental insert into a partitioned table doesn't get replicated.
BUG-78480 AMBARI-20647 Superset password gets printed in ambari logs
BUG-78484N/ASuperSet Slice visualization page is empty screen
BUG-78489 STORM-1114 Racing condition in trident zookeeper zk-node create/delete
BUG-78492 HIVE-14210 Knox Connection to hive always hangs
BUG-78555 HIVE-16225 Memory leak in webhcat service (FileSystem CACHE entries)
BUG-78559 HIVE-15947 Enhance Templeton service job operations reliability; Fix memory leak
BUG-78562 HIVE-12958 Make embedded Jetty server more configurable
BUG-78576 N/A Ability to limit a pmem kill / allow some applications to go over
BUG-78581 HBASE-17861 Port HBASE-17861 Regionserver down when checking the permission of staging dir if hbase.rootdir is on S3
BUG-78602 HIVE-16266 Enable function metadata to be written during bootstrap
BUG-78603 HIVE-16267 Enable bootstrap function metadata to be loaded in repl load
BUG-78604 HIVE-16268 enable incremental repl dump to handle functions metadata
BUG-78619 HIVE-16219 metastore notification_log contains serialized message with non functional fields
BUG-78664 HIVE-16390 LLAP IO does not work with s3a
BUG-78725 HIVE-16372 Enable DDL statement for non-native tables (add/remove table properties) to hive1 and hive2
BUG-78773 HADOOP-14274 Azure: Simplify Ranger-WASB policy model
BUG-78790 HIVE-16530 Replication logging as per beacon requirements
BUG-78793 HIVE-16254 metadata for values temporary tables for INSERTs are getting replicated during bootstrap
BUG-78819N/A2.6-DP: Superset is broken on
BUG-78839 HIVE-16461 Tez tries to localize hive-druid-handler from HDFS sometimes
BUG-78841N/ARunning Druid explains or queries through Hive freeze about 0.05% of the time
BUG-78948 HIVE-16276 Fix NoSuchMethodError:
BUG-78949 HIVE-16210 Use jvm temporary tmp dir by default
BUG-78950 HVE-16124 Drop the segments data as soon it is pushed to HDFS
BUG-78951 HIVE-16123 Let user pick the granularity of bucketing and max in row memory
BUG-78958 HIVE-16421 Runtime filtering breaks user-level explain
BUG-78968 HADOOP-14195 CredentialProviderFactory$getProviders is not thread-safe
BUG-79024 HIVE-16637 Improve end-of-data checking for LLAP input format
BUG-79039 HIVE-16321 Possible deadlock in metastore with Acid enabled
BUG-79048 HADOOP-14195 CredentialProviderFactory$getProviders is not thread-safe
BUG-79054 HIVE-16520, HIVE-16586 Cache hive metadata
BUG-79055 AMBARI-20782 llap config issues post ambari/hdp upgrade
BUG-79076N/AResponse times in "Task Execution Summary" at the end of the job is not correct
BUG-79096 ZOOKEEPER-2141 ACL cache in DataTree never removes entries (ZooKeeper-2141)
BUG-79110 HIVE-16448 Vectorization: Vectorized order_null.q fails with deserialize EOF exception below TEZ ReduceRecordSource.processVectorGroup
BUG-79203 HIVE-16287 Alter table partition rename with location - moves partition back to hive warehouse
BUG-79243 HIVE-16473 Receiving the error "Must Specify table name" on jobs after upgrade to HDP from HDP 2.3.2
BUG-79247 HBASE-17937 Port HBASE-17937 Memstore size becomes negative in case of expensive postPut/Delete Coprocessor call
BUG-79250 HDFS-11545, HDFS-11547, HDFS-11551, HDFS-11560, HDFS-11570, HDFS-11603 HDFS Device Behavior Analytics
BUG-79305 HIVE-16119, HIVE-16299, HIVE-16347 MSCK REPAIR TABLE should enforce partition key order when adding unknown partitions
BUG-79306 HIVE-16249 With column stats, mergejoin.q throws NPE
BUG-79308 HIVE-16290 Stats: StatsRulesProcFactory::evaluateComparator estimates are wrong when minValue == filterValue
BUG-79317 HIVE-16291 Hive fails when unions a parquet table with itself
BUG-79319 HIVE-16385 StatsNoJobTask could exit early before all partitions have been processed
BUG-79328 HIVE-16482 Druid Ser/Des need to use dimension output name
BUG-79473 HIVE-16044 LLAP: Shuffle Handler keep-alive connections are closed from the server side
BUG-79522 HADOOP-12173 NetworkTopology#add calls NetworkTopology#toString always
BUG-79527 HIVE-16503 LLAP: Oversubscribe memory for noconditional task size
BUG-79556 HIVE-16519 Create Hive table with DruidStorageHandler fails with java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: not implemented yet at
BUG-79584 HIVE-16519 Fix exception thrown by checkOutputSpecs
BUG-79684N/ASemijoin Hints should have mechanism to skip the optimizations
BUG-79692 CALCITE-1725 Group by time column without extract is broken
BUG-79696N/AFix druid Q tests failures
BUG-79772 CALCITE-1764 Fix order when sorting by numeric
BUG-79791 TEZ-3700 Consumer attempt should kill itself instead of failing during validation checks with final merge avoidance
BUG-79793 RANGER-1550 HDFS and HBase resource lookup tests failing
BUG-79816N/Aupgrade jackson.version to 1.9.13
BUG-79827 HIVE-16545, HIVE-16547 some issues in LLAP IO
BUG-79836 TEZ-3704 Tez-UI Unit test failing
BUG-79866 HIVE-15642 Replicate Insert Overwrites, Dynamic Partition Inserts and Loads
BUG-79872 ATLAS-855 Eviction error messages seen in application logs
BUG-79883 1765 Druid adapter: Gracefully handle granularity that cannot be pushed to extraction function
BUG-79959 N/A RM failed to start with "Failed to load/recover state java.lang.NullPointerException"
BUG-79994 CALCITE-1770 Druid adapter: CAST(NULL AS ...) gives NPE
BUG-79996 HIVE-15708 Cast to common type when using BETWEEN / IN operators
BUG-80052 N/A Purging doesnt take place in ATS done dir
BUG-80065 YARN-4624 NPE in PartitionQueueCapacitiesInfo while accessing Scheduler UI
BUG-80123 HIVE-16427 Fix multi-insert query and write qtests
BUG-80129 HDFS-11499 Decommissioning stuck because of failing recovery
BUG-80235 ZEPPELIN-2468 Zeppelin not closing WebSocket Connections Properly
BUG-80237 HIVE-16652 LlapInputFormat: Seeing "output error" WARN message
BUG-80247 OOZIE-2433 oozie restart required if oozie metrics to graphing tool broken
BUG-80250 OOZIE-2501 ZK reentrant lock doesn't work for few cases
BUG-80269N/ASuperset Dashboard error - Cannot find module "create-react-class"
BUG-80287 HIVE-16628 User explain not working for query25 for TPCDS 10000 scale
BUG-80289 HIVE-16598 HIVE_SERVER_INTERACTIVE start failed with ParentNotDirectoryException
BUG-80297 HIVE-16578 Semijoin Hints should use column name, if provided for partition key check
BUG-80298 HIVE-16599 NPE in runtime filtering costing logic.
BUG-80304N/ARunning HDFS commands using wasb connector prints too many logger statements
BUG-80307 HIVE-16567 Unable to read Parquet file based tables in Hive that has Struct types.
BUG-80311 HIVE-16639 Shuffle-handler keep-alive settings
BUG-80343 OOZIE-2572 SLA DURATION miss not shown when job is running for longer than expected time
BUG-80344 OOZIE-2581 Oozie should reset SecurityManager in finally block
BUG-80365 HIVE-16588 Resource leak by druid http client
BUG-80376 STORM-2498 Download Full File link broken in 1.x branch
BUG-80396N/AIncorrect version of the tez view being used for Ambari-2.5.1
BUG-80405N/AOOM errors on LLAP daemon when running on spark-llap
BUG-80413 FALCON-2121 If a feed does not exist on a cluster, process submission fails with NPE
BUG-80441 CALCITE-1777 fix for runtime assertion error.
BUG-80447 HIVE-16602 Shared scans in Tez
BUG-80527 HIVE-16634 LLAP Use a pool of connections to a single AM from a daemon
BUG-80541 AMBARI-21011 HSI fails to come up due to failing Slider app
BUG-80605 PHOENIX-3800 NPE when doing UPSERT SELECT into salted tables
BUG-80607 PHOENIX-3759 Dropping all local index causes NPE during compaction
BUG-80651 N/A Oozie-Spark tests fail with bad substituion error
BUG-80655N/AError when running create table via JDBC
BUG-80713N/ADo not push fiters when literal value is null
BUG-80738 TEZ-3719 DAGImpl.computeProgress slows down dispatcher and ipc threads
BUG-80741N/AProgressbar: Use different timeouts for running queries
BUG-80843 HIVE-16678 Truncate on temperory table failing in hive2 runs
BUG-80888 HIVE-16702 Use LazyBinarySerDe for LLAP InputFormat
BUG-80892 N/A Webhcat-Sqoop tests failing with Error: /grid/0/hadoop/yarn/local/usercache/hrt_qa/filecache/98/sqoop.tar.gz/sqoop/bin/../../hadoop does not exist!
BUG-80893 HIVE-13673 LlapInputFormat: handle case where no service instance is found on the host specified in the input split
BUG-80899 N/A Utf8Test_2 test fails due to differing results from benchmark
BUG-80920 MAPREDUCE-6702 Few TestMiniMRChildTask UT fails
BUG-80922 HDFS-11842 TestDataNodeOutlierDetectionViaMetrics UT fails
BUG-80930 N/A TestStreaming UT fails
BUG-80957N/APerforming kill operation is failed in falcon
BUG-80978 HIVE-16692 LLAP: Keep alive connection in shuffle handler should not be closed until entire data is flushed out
BUG-81021 N/A Vectorization UT failures with new HDP versions
BUG-81176 CURATOR-415, HIVE-16724 "Could not increment shared counter" error while generating token in GenericUDTFGetSplits
BUG-81324 AMBARI-21092 HSI start failed due to Unrecognized VM option 'UseParallelGC-Xss512k' during EU (missing space)
BUG-81364 HIVE-16710 Increase MAX_MS_TYPENAME_LENGTH for Hive Metastore
BUG-81391 HIVE-16751 Hive-Druid Storagehandler: Tests failed as there is output-diff for query on timestamp datatype
BUG-81412 HIVE-12657 selectDistinctStar.q results differ with jdk 1.7 vs jdk 1.8
BUG-81422 HIVE-16742 LLAP: Reducer expansion is not capped at max reduce tasks
BUG-81424N/Ainsert_values_orig_table_use_metadata, hbase_viewjoins.q.out failures in hive2
BUG-81425N/AHiveAccessControlException Permission denied: user [hrt_qa] does not have [READ] privilege on [adl://]
BUG-81444 HIVE-16457 vector_order_null.q failing in hive2
BUG-81446N/ATestMTQueries failure in hive2
BUG-81447N/ATestDynamicPartitionPruner.testSingleSourceMultipleFiltersOrdering2 fails in hive2
BUG-81471 HIVE-12657 selectDistinctStar.q results differ with jdk 1.7 vs jdk 1.8 to Hive1 2.6


Hortonworks Bug IDApache JIRASummary
BUG-50022N/Astorm jdbc topology should log the jdbc connection string to debug failures
BUG-75533 RANGER-1483 Ranger hive service definition to use hive metastore directly
BUG-78285 PHOENIX-3843 Improve error messages for debuggability
BUG-78474 RANGER-1548 Ranger needs better error messages when Ambari Infra is off
BUG-78589 RANGER-1509 Add version number to ldapconfigcheck.jar
BUG-78667 RANGER-1483 Ranger hive service definition to use hive metastore directly
BUG-80120 ATLAS-1767 Support KNOX SSO Token based authentication on Atlas REST API calls
BUG-80233 ZEPPELIN-2079, ZEPPELIN-2151, ZEPPELIN-2224, ZEPPELIN-2407 Fixes to Zeppelin Livy interpeter and improved integration testing
BUG-80731 RANGER-1578 Ranger plugins should use default service-def when it fails to obtain from Ranger Admin or cache


Hortonworks Bug IDApache JIRASummary
BUG-80878 RANGER-1583 Test connections failing after Upgrade due to NPE while decrypting password
BUG-80912 SQOOP-3160 Sqoop Import failing when the table or view name has '$' in it


Hortonworks Bug IDApache JIRASummary
BUG-76102 RANGER-1481 Capture cluster name in ranger audit info
BUG-76637 RANGER-1436 Turn Ranger Deny Policy & Except Conditions block to Off by default
BUG-76849 RANGER-1471 Remember filters on all tabs of Ranger Audits page
BUG-77176 HBASE-17779 disable_table_replication returns misleading message and does not turn off replication
BUG-77193 SPARK-19970 Spark hive context is not resolving principal to short name
BUG-77311 N/A Livy interpreter restart as one user also restarts sessions from other users
BUG-77679 RANGER-1474 On SP12, hive policy page opens up with UDF as default under resources, rather than table.
BUG-77776 SPARK-20345 Fix STS error handling logic on HiveSQLException
BUG-78474 RANGER-1548 Ranger needs better error messages when Ambari Infra is off
BUG-78559 HIVE-15947 Enhance Templeton service job operations reliability; Fix memory leak
BUG-78562 HIVE-12958 Make embedded Jetty server more configurable
BUG-78581 HBASE-17861 Port HBASE-17861 Regionserver down when checking the permission of staging dir if hbase.rootdir is on S3
BUG-78788 PHOENIX-3710 HotFix Request for PHOENIX-3710: Cannot use lowername data table name with indextool
BUG-79036 ATLAS-1718, ATLAS-1719 Update UI to support enum-type attributes for tags
BUG-79040 ATLAS-1688, ATLAS-1732 Lineage UI fixes and improvements
BUG-79041 RANGER-1553 Audit log record for 'show databases' hive command contains all tags
BUG-79044 ATLAS-1697 script logs debug/info logs on console instead of import-hive.log log file.
BUG-79113N/AHue doesn't append single quotes around the date
BUG-79194 PHOENIX-3756 Users lacking ADMIN on 'SYSTEM' HBase namespace can't connect to Phoenix
BUG-79243 HIVE-16473 Receiving the error "Must Specify table name" on jobs after upgrade to HDP from HDP 2.3.2
BUG-79551 RANGER-1556 Provide keyadmin user with privileges to read ranger kms audits
BUG-79619 ATLAS-1737 UI - Delete tag(classification) from UI.
BUG-79620 ATLAS-1750 Typeahead Implemented on create entity.
BUG-79637 ATLAS-1680 Support for browser login using kerberos keytab
BUG-79687 RANGER-1557 (Ranger) Enable/Disable Nifi Ranger Plugin should be shown when Nifi is installed in HDP cluster
BUG-79721 AMBARI-20868 Ranger start fails when Ambari Infra is off
BUG-79784 ATLAS-1760 For rendering property tab use type definition of the entity
BUG-79810 AMBARI-20920 Atlas restart failed
BUG-79983 KNOX-917 Knox Proxy - Pig view fails to load when using ambari thru KNOX
BUG-80144N/ALivy to log basic information before creating a session
BUG-80150 HDFS-11722 Change Datanode file IO profiling sampling to percentage
BUG-80151N/A[Minor Documentation Bug]: Data Movement and Integration - Falcon
BUG-80233 ZEPPELIN-2079, ZEPPELIN-2151, ZEPPELIN-2224, ZEPPELIN-2407 Fixes to Zeppelin Livy interpeter and improved integration testing
BUG-80246 OOZIE-2037 Add TLSv1.1,TLSv1.2
BUG-80279 RANGER-1562 HDFS test connection is failing due to null pointer exception
BUG-80341 OOZIE-2539 Incorrect property key is used for 'hive log4j configuration file for execution mode'
BUG-80342 OOZIE-2552 Update ActiveMQ version for security and other fixes
BUG-80354 ATLAS-1644 Taxonomy API /api/atlas/v1/taxonomies is broken.
BUG-80366 HBASE-14147 REST Support for Namespaces
BUG-80424 FALCON-2041 Graphite notification plugin breaks if pipeline tag has space
BUG-80468 ATLAS-1771 Atlas UI - While deleting Tag the Confirmation Popup appears incorrectly in IE-9
BUG-80473 ZEPPELIN-2530 Zeppelin user impersonation with domain name suffix is failing
BUG-80606 AMBARI-20988 Add missing 'cluster_host_info' column to 'request' table to MSSQL DDL
BUG-80614 ATLAS-1759 UI - Add checkbox to exclude/include deleted entities in schema table.
BUG-80705 STORM-2496 STORM-2496 Dependency artifacts should be uploaded to blobstore with READ permission for all
BUG-80711 PHOENIX-3842​ Turn off all BloomFilter for Phoenix tables
BUG-80902 ATLAS-1807 Enhance DSL query to support "like" operator for wildcard searches
BUG-80986 ATLAS-1813 UI to escape special characters in URL.
BUG-81006N/AModify AbstractAutoCreds to look for configKeys in both nimbus and topology configs
BUG-81046 STORM-2518 STORM-2518 NPE during uploading dependency artifacts with secured cluster
BUG-81138 ATLAS-1742 Provide option in server side to exclude deleted entities in basic and fulltext search.
BUG-81224 ATLAS-1812, ATLAS-1820 User Is not able to create tag using enum type
BUG-81253N/AZeppelin spark2 interpreter fails due to user 'zeppelin' not having permissions for /apps/hive/warehouse
BUG-81280 RANGER-1602 Hive policy form should not show include/exclude option for URL resource.
BUG-81364 HIVE-16710 Increase MAX_MS_TYPENAME_LENGTH for Hive Metastore
BUG-81564 RANGER-1612 When servicedef is accessed, one of the properties "enableDenyPolicies" is returned as "false" if there is no value set for it.
BUG-81592 AMBARI-21121 STORM service check fails
BUG-81619 AMBARI-21125 Ambari STS2 checker should use principal in secure cluster