Release Notes
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This release provides Zeppelin 0.7.0 and the following Apache patches:

  • ZEPPELIN-1965: Livy SQL Interpreter: Should use, false) to display results.

  • ZEPPELIN-2530: Zeppelin user impersonation with domain name suffix is failing.

  • ZEPPELIN-2555: Run all paragraphs API does not run all paragraph as front-end user.

HDP 2.6.0 provided Zeppelin 0.7.0 and the following Apache patches:

  • ZEPPELIN-1588: bumping nvd3 to 1.8.5.

  • ZEPPELIN-1725: replace cleanDirectory with forceDelete.

  • ZEPPELIN-1964: Layout info is lost after refresh.

  • ZEPPELIN-2045: Pass interpreter properties with "spark." as prefix to SparkConf.

  • ZEPPELIN-2062: Hive proxy user doesn't work if interpreter name is not JDBC.

  • ZEPPELIN-2063: Hive Jdbc interpreter does not relogin if kerberos ticket expired when hive.server2.transport.mode is htt.

  • ZEPPELIN-2068: Change interpreter.json & credentials.json permission to 600.

  • ZEPPELIN-2075: Can't stop infinite `while` statement in pyspark Interpreter.

  • ZEPPELIN-2083: default interpreter list should honour order of zeppelin.interpreters property in zeppelin-site.xml.

  • ZEPPELIN-2084: doesn't show dataframe.

  • ZEPPELIN-2094: Decrease npm install retry time (for branch-0.7).

  • ZEPPELIN-2105: yarn installed by frontend-maven-plugin causes build failure (BUG).

  • ZEPPELIN-2133: All interpreters sometimes throw random Connection refuse errors.

  • ZEPPELIN-2147: zeppelin should redirect to login page after browser … …session expires.

  • ZEPPELIN-2148: On creation of Bar graph zeppelin UI shows it as minigraph .

  • ZEPPELIN-2149: Each interpreter should have a seperate log file..

  • ZEPPELIN-2161: Nested Group Support in LdapRealm for AD.

  • ZEPPELIN-2164: Typo in Insufficient Privileges popup of Zeppelin.

  • ZEPPELIN-2166: HeliumBundleFactoty can't transfile imported es6+.

  • ZEPPELIN-2167: User with insufficient privileges can still restore files by renaming files in/ou....

  • ZEPPELIN-2172: Redirect to home if notebook authentication fails in realtime.

  • ZEPPELIN-2173: Duplicate user names populated in the Note permission box.

  • ZEPPELIN-2175: Jdbc interpreter sometime doesn't show detailed error message.

  • ZEPPELIN-2178: Prevent from cleaning output in "Personalized Mode".

  • ZEPPELIN-2199: Fix lapply issue in sparkR.

  • ZEPPELIN-2202: Disable personalized mode btn when note is running (branch-0.7).