Release Notes
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This release provides Storm 1.1.0 and the following Apache patches:

  • STORM-1114: Handle race condition in Storm/Trident transactional state when ZK nodes have already been created/deleted.

  • STORM-2194: ReportErrorAndDie doesn't always die.

  • STORM-2429: non-string values in supervisor.scheduler.meta cause crash.

  • STORM-2431: the default blobstore.dir is storm.local.dir/blobs which is different from

  • STORM-2432: Storm-Kafka-Client Trident Spout Seeks Incorrect Offset With UNCOMMITTED_LATEST Strategy.

  • STORM-2440: Kill process if executor catches ``.

  • STORM-2450: Write resources into correct local directory.

  • STORM-2451: windows storm.cmd does not set log4j2 config file correctly by default.

  • STORM-2482: Refactor the Storm auto credential plugins to be more usable.

  • STORM-2482: Refactor the Storm auto credential plugins to be more usable.

  • STORM-2496: Dependency artifacts should be uploaded to blobstore with READ permission for all.

  • STORM-2498: Fix Download Full File link in 1.x branch.

  • STORM-2501: Auto populate Hive credentials using Hive MetaStore delegation tokens.

  • STORM-2511: Submitting a topology with name containing unicode getting failed..

  • STORM-2518: NPE during uploading dependency artifacts with secured cluster.

  • STORM-2520: AutoHDFS should prefer cluster-wise hdfs kerberos principal to global hdfs kerberos principal.

  • STORM-2528: Bump log4j version to 2.8.2.

HDP 2.6.0 provided Storm 1.1.0 with no additional Apache patches.